Opinion: Isko Moreno is a lost cause…

Be a hero. Withdraw, Leni” – Isko Moreno (17.04.2022).

Presidential aspirant and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso calls on Vice President Leni Robredo to withdraw from the presidential race of the upcoming May 9 elections” (…) “Domagoso: “Do you want Marcos not to win? Withdraw, Leni, maybe someone won’t win Marcos. Maybe one of us””(ABS-CBN News Channel, 17.04.2022).

The one term mayor Manilla, Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso has suddenly stated that Vice President Leni Robredo should withdraw her candidacy for Presidency. This just happens weeks ahead of the polls. This maybe be a strategy, but not a good one.

The man who wants to replicate and copy the “Build Build Build” of President Duterte and continue his legacy in the Philippines… that man wants the enemy of Duterte and the sore thumb to just go comfortable numb. This being Leni Robredo who has been tarnished, mocked and stood the test of time in office. They have tried to play her and ensured failure, but instead things has backfired. Therefore, Isko Moreno is continuing this… but his depleting his own campaign while doing so.

Not that Isko Moreno has any courage or is brave. Neither is he a skilled politician or a wise-man of any sorts. No, his an empty bucket of populism and he couldn’t stand in the wind. The wind the would take him, carry him like a leaf and nobody would remember why he was even there. His just a leaf blown away and the tree is still standing. While his long gone…

The former actor and celebrity haven’t looked good. Neither has Isko Moreno ever been seen as relevant candidate. He doesn’t even have the charisma or the political platform to make any sense of his proposal. That his prosing that Robredo to step down should be from someone who had a shot or even a candidacy worth a damn. However, his a leaf and there is plenty more low hanging fruits to pick of the branch he fell from.

Isko Moreno should instead just focus on his own candidacy and what he could possibly deliver. However, these sorts of ideas isn’t forthcoming when he isn’t a real candidate against Bong Bong Marcos. Neither is he a real challenger or even in the realm of Robredo in the polls either. His the sloppy seconds someone wants to forget and not memorable either.

That’s why him teaming with others is only solidifying why his own campaign is worthless. Isko Moreno knew that he wouldn’t bring something to the table. That’s why he needed a Joint Statement and a Joint Press Conference. He couldn’t show up on his own… because his not really in the big league himself. Unless, he gets a sudden promotion and rise of relevancy beyond Manila.

The Mayor of Manila needs to chill and reconsider. He is asking for relevancy… while his not relevant himself. The Presidential Candidate dared to ask Robredo to step down, but his not capable to fill her shoes. Neither does he have the character or political platform to challenge the UniTeam. His a pawn and small figure in the grand scheme of things.

That’s why it’s hard to remember who has endorsed and said they would promote his candidacy. Because, Robredo and Bong Bong Marcos is the ones who is getting the endorsements. Therefore, Isko Moreno should maybe try to act like an option.

As of today, his misogyny and lacklustre performance will not save you either. Maybe, he should do himself a favour and just withdraw. I hope he continues and that it burns terribly down. That he becomes a laughing-stock and a mockery of a candidacy. Since, there is nothing worthy of salvaging now. Unless, for whoever who is funding his campaign and keeping him up at night.

Isko Moreno will not bring hope or a promise of a better future. His just a former actor who don’t know how to play his role in politics now. Peace.

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