Opinion: Boris is clueless about Rwanda…

And let’s be clear, Rwanda is one of the safest countries in the world, globally recognised for its record on welcoming and integrating migrants” – Prime Minister Boris Johnson (14.04.2022).

It is really weird and out of this world that the British Prime Minister in 2022 says Rwanda is one of the safest countries in the world. What is even more striking is that the Travel Advice from the UK government mentions street crimes does occur and asks tourists to be vigilant (Updated on the 12 April 2022). While you should be worried and concerned about the security situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi, as violent armed attacks can happen. Especially, in Nyungwe Forrest and Volcanoes National Park or travel near DRC/Burundi border regions. So, just by reading the own travel advice on “Rwanda” it cannot be seen as safe as he states.

We know that President Paul Kagame rules with an iron fist. He has no mercy and can easily silence anyone. It doesn’t even matter if the individual who has offended him or challenged him is living in the diaspora. The Rwandan government will come after you and take you down. That’s why it’s like the Tories have closed their eyes for this and just praises Kigali.

It is like Johnson doesn’t know how the elections are or how the voices of dissent is silenced. I don’t think he cares and only wants an easy way out. The migrants and asylum seekers can be shipped to Kigali and then left to fight for their own. Since, they we’re dumb enough to go and try to find shelter in London.

Like when he said this: “This is particularly perverse as those attempting crossings, are not directly fleeing imminent peril as is the intended purpose of our asylum system. They have passed through manifestly safe countries, including many in Europe, where they could – and should – have claimed asylum” (Johnson, 14.04.2022).

So, when someone has achieved that and struggled to get to Dover or whatever. What is meeting them is a ticket straight to Kigali and Rwanda. A country of human rights violations and a bloody dictatorship under President Kagame.

For the ones fleeing to safety and to a possible safe-haven, from conflict, famine and destruction in their homes. They are sent to a place of no free press, no free speech and no liberty. In a place of one-man rules all and his words are law. A place where Kagame is the demi-God and you are not even allowed to make political cartoons of the man. Heck, if you compose critical songs or whatnot. You can expect a terrible demise or a sudden death. If you try to compete in an election against him. Expect to lose your businesses, livelihood and become a “criminal”. Because, the state will target you and you will lose everything. That is the price of challenging Kagame.

It’s really weird that Boris Johnson says this about Rwanda. As he continues to praise them even further: “And that is what I think is most exciting about the partnership we have agreed with Rwanda today because we believe it will become a new international standard in addressing the challenges of global migration and people smuggling. So I am grateful for Rwanda’s leadership and partnership and we stand ready to work with other nations on similar agreements, as well as wider reforms to the international asylum framework” (Johnson, 14.04.2022).

He is speaking of this like it is a brilliant idea. It is a reckless and disgusting policy. As he blames other nations for not taking them in. As the asylum-seekers should have applied in other nations of Europe before going to the United Kingdom. While his praising the greatness of Rwanda, which isn’t true. The dying dissidents, the modus operandi of arbitrary arrests, torture and extra judicial killings. Should be a slight concern for anyone transferring migrants and asylum-seekers in dire need.

However, for Boris and his government… this sort of deal and agreement is groundbreaking. Because, he is able to stick this problem on Rwanda and they have to shelter these people. Who comes unannounced and who has dared to flee their respective countries to get into safety on the British islands. No, they are not worthy, only the ones who goes through UN Organizations or the ones who are able to meet the stipulations of the Home Office can get shelter in the UK. That’s how it sounds and the ones coming by boats will be sent on a “one-way-ticket” to Kigali.

You can really wonder what is going on in London. As they are willing to break with humanity and become this cruel. Where they are not understanding the plights and the reasons for why people flee. Take the dangerous trips and try to enter the UK.

No, there is no concern over that and sending the ones fleeing dictatorship, war and famine. Those are the ones your sending to another dictatorship. Such a Noble enterprise of the United Kingdom. That’s how callus and heartless the Tories are these days. Peace.

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