United Kingdom: Parte after Parte PM only gets a fine…

I understand the anger many will feel that I myself fell short when it came to observing the very rules which the government I lead had introduced to protect the public” – Prime Minister Boris Johnson (12.04.2022).

In London and in the United Kingdom as the people where blocked and under lockdown. Downing Street Number 10 or the house of the PM held several of parties when people couldn’t meet, greet or be allowed to gather. If it was pizza’s, beer or wine-and-dining in the garden. Doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, but it is despicable and disgraceful.

During the lockdowns and with the rigid rules on the movement, the ability to meet people and even gather was blocked from the citizens. The citizens was arrested and detained if they couldn’t pay huge fines. That happened across the Kingdom, as some people resisted and acted in defiance in regard to the COVID-19 rules.

It is really magical the amount of parties he held while others was not allowed to gather in funerals, weddings or even meet over a pint at a local watering-hole. No, that was only happening in the near proximity of the PM.

The PM has in total been challenged about 12 parties, which was on the May 15th, May 20th, November 13th, November 25th, November 27th, December 10th, Mid-December “waiting room drinks”, December 14th, December 15th, December 16th, December 17th and December 18th. These are the ones that is known off and it shows that he lives with parte after parte, as a lifestyle.

So, if the PM is only paying fines for this. It is really showing a difference for the common man. Because, this was the lawmakers, the ones in near association and the whole Downing Street No. 10 participating in it. While the public couldn’t do the same or even take part in similar activities. These parties was in stark contrast to the strict and rigid lockdown rules that his government enforced. This is why the fine and the apology is meaningless.

That the PM has breached the public trust is clear. That he has violated own rules and regulations. As there been plenty of instances and not just one party. The Metropolitan Police continue their investigations and the PM was a serial offender. He didn’t only skip a Mickey once and ran-off. No, he ran the shop and opened the flood-gates for this behaviour.

That’s why the PM was going from one party to another. So, paying a fine for the June 19th 2021 is really just not paying dues. Neither is there any value in the apology. It is just empty pleas and words of recognizing what he did, but he intended to do more. It is not like that was the only one and knows that perfectly well.

That’s why the fine and the breach as one incident is really foolish. He was a serial breaker of the lockdown rules and he was the one asking for people to adhere to it together with his ministers. Ironically, one of his ministers was busy breaching the rules to visit his mistress. While his closest advisor travelled across the Kingdom to see some castles. Therefore, he wasn’t alone in it and not acting concerned about the breaches of lockdown rules.

It didn’t occur to me that I was in breach of the rules. I now humbly accept that I was” (Johnson, 12.04.2022).

He most likely knew that he was breaching them. His own government was enforcing it, but he didn’t think that it would have any consequences or repercussions. Because, he was the PM and the Head of State. Boris thought he would get away it and not have any scrutiny. Since it was just silly parties and drinking going on. You know water-under-the-bridge and let’s get wasted like there is no tomorrow. That sort of deal, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, sort of vibe. That is the sort of gist, I get from Boris. Not the “oops, I got caught and now I have to act sincere about this mess”. No, his not that guy. Lying is easy for Boris and this is no different.

He prefers to party over governing. Just look at his December schedule. Hard to believe that he ever did any sort of professional duty or had capacity to take wise decisions. Unless, he just signed off whatever the secretaries was giving him. That he was doing during lockdown period. It just shows how reckless he is and how he prefers the bottle-service over serving the Kingdom. Peace.

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