Russia: PepsiCo plans to expand their own “special operation” in Russia…

According to the newspaper Kommersant, whose journalists got acquainted with fragments of the company’s presentation, the organization wants to create new products with different names and packaging. In particular, the New Cola product was presented in various containers of different volumes. Under the Fruitz brand, orange and lime flavored drinks were introduced” (…) “In addition, the company wants to expand the local brand Russky Dar, which currently produces only kvass. However, PepsiCo plans to expand the range with carbonated drinks in different flavors” (Viktor Bazhenov – ‘PepsiCo plans to create special products for Russia’ 07.04.2022, Komsomolskaja Pravda).

While other Western Companies and Brands are suspending their operations in Russia. As the sanctions and outrage of the Russian-Belorussian invasion of Ukraine is ongoing. There are about 200 companies that has either ceased, suspended or stopped to invest in the Russian market. That has been done as a result of the brutal war in Ukraine. This is being done because of the issues of transactions, lack of business opportunities or to get positive publicity in the West.

That’s why it’s very interesting that the soft-drink maker and conglomerate Pepsi Corporation who earlier this year suspended their production of Pepsi, SevenUp and Mirinda. Now has other plans and creating a new strategy. That is clearly to circumvent and get a bigger market share in the Russian Federation. As other Western soft-drink makers like Coca-Cola and others stopped producing sodas and beers in Russia.

After the other corporations and businesses has ceased or suspended their operations in Russia. There will be openings and possibilities from a business stand-point. In a way of filling the gap and finding new parts of the beverage market that PepsiCo can fill. From a direct business view it makes sense, but from a publicity angel it sucks.

The Pepsi Corporation is trading, earning profits and ensuring a bigger tax-base, which is good news for Kremlin and President Putin. This is supporting and making sure the Russian economy is going. That there is products to trade, people is getting salaries and such. This is a dream for a dictator to have a company of this stature to do this.

Yes, they did suspend the production of the world-wide famous soft-drinks, but they plan to make other special ones for the Russian market. That will be in addition to the Kvass. This is an deliberate attempt to get a bigger profits and ensure viability in the Russian Federation. That is really it and it’s being a token soldier of the Russian war-machine. They are trading, investing and finding ways of profiting in a marginal space without any preconditions.

PepsiCo is by doing so. They would stand up to huge scrutiny, as they are willing to earn blood money by association and by their decision to not only uphold certain products, but to add and create new ones. This is creating own products and soft-drinks catering to the Russian market. Securing them a vast market and huge profits in the middle of a war. That is it really and what they are willing to do.

The PepsiCo will be renowned by many. Their legacy of these drinks will be in the letter of “Z” and the association will be looked that way. The Ukrainian war and the lack of solidarity there will also be seen. As the corporation only dipped a minute and later found new avenues for furthering their business operation in Russia. The PepsiCo is more into long term gains than the dwelling into the problematic ideals of doing this.

The yellow and blue colours of Ukraine will clearly not matter to PepsiCo. They rather have a “special operation” of their own in the Russian market. Peace.

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