Opinion: Mwanzo Mpya Caucus throws a curveball Azimio La Umoja way

Yesterday, the Mwanzo Mpya Caucus lead by Governor Alfred Mutua presented a harsh statement and a press conference with several other parties. The parties involved in this caucus are MCC, Muungano, Kenya Reform Party, CCU, DAP-K, PPT, NARC and Maendeleo Democratic Party. These are reacting to how the Azimio La Umoja – One Kenya Alliance is moving forward as a unit.

It is clear that the big three – Orange Democratic Movement, Jubilee and Wiper Democratic Movement are getting much more out of it than the rest. This is why Mutua and other party leaders are addressing it. Showing that the coordination within Azimio la Umoja isn’t that good.

The 11 points in the Press Release from Yesterday is interesting to say the least:

1. We are the ones who made Azimio what it is.

2. We found out of the AZIMIO LA UMOJA – ONE KENYA coalition in the news like the rest of Kenyans.

3. There is an indication the leadership of Azimio is made up of three parties only: Jubilee, ODM & Wiper. This leaves out the other founding parties.

4. Coalitions agreement documents have not been shown to us and yet they are insisting that we should sign. We will not agree to this.

5. Our candidates have already registered their candidature with our parties and they have an equal right to be in the ballot.

6. There is an attempt to run nominations through zoning. Our candidates are already prepared to compete and zoning has no place in the current arrangement.

7. We also have our own caucus. The Mwanzo mpya caucus, which is the fourth leg of the Azimio stool.

8. There are currently no provisions for us to be on the elections board. We insist to be also included and to have a voice since we represent a significant voting bloc.

9. The so called big parties have already appointed themselves portfolios at our expense.

10. We can form our own coalition and enter into a post-election agreement.

11. Some of us sacrificed our presidential ambitions to support Azimio and our Azimio presidential candidate” (Mwanzo Mpya Caucus, 06.04.2022).

The parties are saying they are why Azimio is a thing in the first place and that trio of ODM, Jubilee and WDM is taking over with no justification towards the other parties. They are not put into consideration and not even on the ballot. That shows that the possible secretariat of this coalition is one-sided and not voicing for the smaller parties, which should have their say as well. Not only the big-ones and the ones who has more influence.

In consideration too… we should know that in this new Caucus Marta Karua (NARC-Kenya) is part of as well. Just like NARC was a part of One Kenya Alliance. Surely, this can be seen as a bargain chip to get into a better to position. Which shouldn’t be denied by anyone here. We know everyone wants as much leverage and position themselves as best as possible. Just so they can get a more power and better political capital after the up-coming elections. That’s why these parties come out now. Because, they have to find a way to get importance… before they are forgotten about and becomes small local parties with little to none national influence.

The Mwanzo Mpya Caucus will only add pressure to ensure they have options. That they are in the picture and is getting their slice of the pie. They want to have the UNGA and they wants loads of it. However, the trio of parties should be aware, that they have to coordinate properly and ensure mechanisms that seems fair for candidacies. Because, this is all built on trust and agreements between everyone in the coalition. These sorts of pressers and public displays only shows that the coalition is built on shaky grounds… and could easily fall or become marginalized.

Yes, the ODM and Jubilee can feel invisible, as they just got One Kenya Alliance under their banner as well. Nevertheless, Kalonzo Musyoka isn’t the only man who wants to eat, but the others wants that as well. This is what’s so striking with NARC-Kenya joining this Caucus yesterday. That just show quickly Karua is moving and trying to become more relevant.

Odinga, Kenyatta and Kalonzo needs to reconfigure. We know they are dealing with egos and wishes of smaller parties. However, they need to put them into play. If not… they are just hoodwinking everyone and they will tarnish this coalition before it’s even beginning. That will make the Azimio la Umoja coalition look foolish and the Presidential Candidate doesn’t want that. He wants peace within own ranks and show the Republic that he can unite people. If he cannot unite his own coalition. How can he unite… the whole republic then?

That’s just a question, but these are supposed allies and should be treated that way. Peace.

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