Hungary: Orbán won again…

We never had so many opponents. Brussels bureaucrats… the international mainstream media, and even the Ukrainian president. Huge international centers of power were mobilized against us. To them, we say that every penny was wasted. The Hungarian left was the worst investment of Uncle Gyuri’s life. For 12 years they’ve just taken his money for nothing” – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (03.04.2022).

In Budapest the citizens and the majority of the people wanted Fidesz for another term. This will be Prime Minister Orbán’s fourth term. Where he is distancing himself from the European Union and clearly shows his allegiance to Kremlin. After all the things that was said during the campaigns.

The Prime Minister even mentioned Ukrainian President Zelensky as an enemy. That really says a lot and shows his sentiment. This shows that the PM and Fidesz cannot understand how someone trying to influence and ensure their own sovereignty in war. However, we know that Orbán and his party has targeted the Ukrainian. While defending their support of trading with Russia. Therefore, the ill-will of sanctions has been naturally addressed by Zelensky. Nevertheless, for Viktor it’s more important to get credit and be in favours with Vladimir. That is very obvious by now.

He said also these words in his victory speech:

We have won a great victory – a victory so great that you can see it from the moon, certainly from Brussels” (…) “The greater the victory, the greater the need for modesty, and let’s face it tonight, there’s reason to be modest” (…) “We won in 2010 under the old electoral system, we won in 2014 when we were called one by one. We won in 2018 when there was a partial coalition and in 2022 when everyone joined forces against us, God only knows how we can win the most at a time when they are ganging up on us” (Orbán, 03.04.2022).

It is like Orbán thinks his leadership is such a great idea. That how he runs things is the best ever. His type of government isn’t opening up or giving air-time to the opposition. If he had as little air-time as the opposition. The opposition would maybe campaign differently, but there isn’t a level playing-field. While whole speeches and rallies been broadcasted in Hungary. The main opposition coalition only got 5 minutes clip. Therefore, it is within reason why Orbán is successful and has easy access to media of Hungary. When you have that… you can easily win and conquer the others.

The strength of Fidesz comes after years of control. As they have cemented themselves in Budapest. They are the strong party and people are loyal to the party. The public believe the talking-points and that’s why they continue to vote for Fidesz. That is very clear after the 4th term of Orbán.

We could have hoped the public saw it differently in Hungary. As the leadership has used the war for political gains and not supported the independent nation of Ukraine. Therefore, the Fidesz will not change now. They are obviously aiming for bringing Russian hegemony and being a staunch supporter of their causes. While they are trying to frame it as a defence of the values and integrity of Hungary. Everyone know that they rather be like this… and not be closer to European allies. That is very clear and this can stifle and be a hurdle in the European Commission, as well as in the European Parliament. Nevertheless, don’t expect anything good from Budapest in the near future.

It will be more of the same. He will use simple cheap tricks and populism to continue his reign. While he will always distance himself from the rest of Europe. Because, Orbán needs Putin now. He will not even flinch or speak in codes. No, he will say it straight… their relations is beneficial and it’s evident. Peace.

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