Pastor “Mama” Janet Returns: It’s easy to be content when you live lavish…

The First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Janet Museveni returns with one of her sermons, which in the past was issued mid-week. However, this one came out of nowhere on a Monday. Maybe she had a spiritual awakening during the weekend or felt the need to create headlines. Nevertheless, here we go again.

Like always, I will not publish the whole thing. We don’t have the time or the need. I will take the paragraphs, which I see most fit and discuss them. As they are well deserved. Because, she is the First lady and wannabe Pastor. It cannot just be published and not be addressed in a proper manner. Therefore, we will discuss her latest piece: “The Power of Contentment”.

She starts with:

My dear friends, I would like to share with you my ruminations on the topic of contentment. The scriptures declare in 1 Timothy 6:6, “Godliness with contentment is great gain.” Does this mean that we should be resigned to our fate in life and not work actively to better our condition? No, far from it! The Bible is clear that God desires for us to prosper and to grow from one level of glory to another. So what does godliness and contentment really mean? I will seek to answer that by looking at the opposite of contentment which is discontentment, or as the Bible puts it: covetousness” (Janet Museveni, 04.04.2022).

Here she is writing like a reverend and not like a state offical. This could be taken out of a lecture of priest and from Sunday School even. The Cambridge dictionary even states the definition of contentment like this: “happiness and satisfaction, often because you have everything you need”. So, that’s where she is going with this and will elaborate.

She will further re-instate the belief with Uganda:

The example that comes to mind is a conversation I had recently with somebody who asked me if I liked travelling and what my favourite destinations are. My response was very clear that I didn’t particularly enjoy travelling outside Uganda and only did so when it was absolutely necessary and in relation to my work. I added that my favourite place on earth is Uganda, and no matter how far I have travelled in the world, there is no place that compares to our homeland, Uganda. Whenever I visit other countries, it reinforces my belief that God gave us the most beautiful place on the earth to call our home. Our climate is ideal, akin to paradise and we do not experience the extremes of heat or cold that other countries experience. Our food is fresh, easily available throughout the year and almost anything can grow in our fertile soils. Our people are some of the friendliest and most welcoming people in the world and foreigners who visit Uganda can attest to this. Uganda is a gift from God, and to whom much is given much is expected (Luke 12:48)” (Janet Museveni, 04.04.2022).

The First Lady is within her right to boost about her county and the natural beauty of it. Uganda is bountiful of natural treasure and a friendly climate as well. Denying that would be foolish. Everyone is usually happy and caring about their homeland. When it comes to nature and climate it is close to tropical paradise. However, the ones running it and being in-charge isn’t making it a paradise. The ruling regime of her husband is the one that makes the nation less friendly and neither the best place in the world. Yes, the nation and the culture of accepting visitors is amazing, but the way of governing is far from good. That’s why calling it paradise… is far from it. Uganda is a great place, by the standard of nature and climate, but not by it’s government.

That’s why the next paragraph in her text is very interesting:

Sadly, I know that my position is not shared by all Ugandans or Africans. I know that Africans are often the ones seeking all means possible to leave their homelands in order to go to other countries where they are often mistreated and face countless challenges and racism. It always breaks my heart when I see the African migrants who are lured with promises of “greener pastures” risking their lives on the high seas only to be put in refugee camps when they arrive at their destinations or meet an even worse fate on the open seas! This is a calamity and shouldn’t be so. Is it possible that our covetousness for what belongs to others is blinding us from seeing the wealth we already possess and working with dedication and diligence to develop what is already ours?” (Janet Museveni, 04.04.2022).

What is striking about this text is that the First Lady went to exile herself when the husband went into the bush in the 1980s. Janet and the kids went first to Nairobi in Kenya in 1981. With the help of the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees, she was able to seek asylum in Sweden in November 1983. Where she stayed herself onto May 1986. So, she stayed there until it was safe for her and the kids to return to Kampala.

That’s why, if someone should understand why people seek greener pastures. She should be the first one to do so. Janet herself first lived in Kenya and for a few years in Sweden as the civil-war/bush-war was on-going. The reasons for why people are fleeing now. Is either brain-drain, lack of opportunities or better lives abroad. Which I cannot deny them. As there are chances of a more stable and better lives. The state is only good for the elites and the anointed of the Regime. The rest is struggling and not advancing. It is not like Uganda has a good and stable economy. No, it has not and that’s the fault of the husband and his cronies.

Janet speaks that people should develop their own and not seek greener pastures. However, it is the faults of the regime and the circumstances that it offers it’s citizens. That’s the reason why the VIPs needs medical treatment abroad and the daughters of the president even gives birth in Europe. These sorts of reasons why people seek elsewhere. Because, the state and the government isn’t giving any hope or real chances of development. That’s because so much of the state is just scheming and scamming for the next big pay-off and quick envelope for the ones connected.

If the sort of regime that her husband was running was in favour of the citizens and the inhabitants of the republic. The priorities would be different and what it does would also reflect it. As well, as the people are running away, because their lives are in danger or they could easily become prisoners of conscience. Since, the state can easily extra judicially kill, kidnap, torture or arrest the ones who dissent. That’s why people are fleeing and it was for the same reasons she fled in the 1980s… ironically, right?

She ends her text with this paragraph:

Covetousness brings no contentment to one’s heart; it is a trap that once gotten into may be difficult to get out of. Therefore, my encouragement to you all my friends and children, fellow Ugandans: let us not be blinded by coveting what doesn’t belong to us. Let us instead focus on the countless blessings that God has already freely given to us and work hard to make our nation a praise in the earth. My prayer is that in the months and years to come, we Ugandans will work even harder to develop our homeland so that the light coming from Uganda will not be surpassed by any other nation” (Janet Museveni, 04.04.2022).

The thing that is striking by this sort of lecture is how far-fetched from reality it is. The sort of elitist ideals without any real justification for it. It really shows why she is not fitted to be a minister or be state official. Since, she speaks of hard-work and dedication, but herself cannot show up in Parliament and deliver statements on the works of her Ministry. While she intends for the people to develop and create a great nation. Be content and happy with what they have. As people are struggling, lacking basic goods and having piss-poor salaries in a gig economy. Where the state isn’t creating social-security or programmes to help the poorest. No, it is just making micro-finance schemes with not proper study or if it will have the possible positive results. Therefore, it is really striking it is easy to be content when she is living a lavish life and have everything she wants. Janet Museveni never needs to worry or be concerned about tomorrow. The bills will be paid, the possibilities of health-care or imported goods will come to her door. While the average citizens has to worry about inflation, empty bank-accounts and possible black-outs. Therefore, we know the lecture is to boost her ego and not really help the Republic.

This is the sort of sermon that is lacking self reflection and how it can be judged. Since it is simplistic. It is easy for her to be happy and content. However for larger part of the population and for the ones that doesn’t see things changing. Why should they strive and be content with the status quo? Why should they strive for developing the nation?

It is her partner for life, the President and his cronies who should make it possible to develop the nation. The President and his decrees should be there to safe-guard the citizens. Secondly, the state should make programs and laws that reflects these ideals. However, that is not what it has done or tried to do. This is why after all these years in office. The problems of the past is haunting this one and the lack of development is only a result of the selfishness and lack of concern of the people from the ruling elite. They rather eat and hope that the donors can feed the poor. That’s how things look and it doesn’t get better by the day.

The First Lady can write her sermons, but she should put work in herself. Especially, in the Ministry and address the public in the August House. However, I will not count on it. That isn’t her style and her gizmo. No, she is to highly regarded and therefore, cannot be bothered to be questioned by Members of Parliament. Peace.

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