Opinion: Bong Bong Marcos are you even there? [Third time backing out of a debate]

Today, there was yet another debate in the run-up to the elections later this year. This time it was the second COMELEC debate for the Presidential Candidates. The other ones showed up and attended it. They did their best to impress and show the political platform. Also, their ability to articulate and answer questions. However, there was one missing dude from the platform.

That was the UNITEAM and the Presidential Candidate Ferdinand Marcos Junior aka Bong Bong Marcos or BBM. He was gone in the wind. This is the third official debate he has ditched and been a no show. It was reason why this time presidential debates moderator Ces Oreña-Drilon called him a “dedema” which means either “feigning ignorance” or “snobbing”.

We are now in March and he has ditched previous ones in February on CNN Philippines, the first COMELEC debate and now the Second COMELEC debate. That is evident as his team and himself thinks it enough or better to hold rallies. Therefore, it is a strategy from his perspective.

However, it is flawed…. as a President and Head of State you should be able to reason and defend your stances. Even under duress, stress and lack of rest. The Presidential Candidate should be able to gather his thoughts and retaliate with wisdom when his questioned. That’s why he has not shown up. Because, his afraid of being accountable or transparent about his beliefs, past or even the family record. Since he cannot run away from the dynasty and the legacy of his father.

BBM should be able to have the courage and the heart to be up on that stage. When the likes of Faisal Mangondato and Leody De Guzman can show up. These candidates who is nowhere relevant or have a standing. Neither do they have any public support or big parties boosting their names. However, they still have the character and the balls to debate. Which is something no one can say about Bong Bong Marcos.

Bong Bong Marcos is the lady every bachelor wants to invite to the dance, but no matter who is courting her. She will decline and later she call all men trash, while wondering why she is single and got no suitors calling. That is the sort of broad BBM is…

If not he doesn’t cognitive abilities or mannerism to articulate his beliefs. He needs the whole BBM team behind him to script and manufacture his rallies. To ensure his game is on point and that he can follow the manuscripts that is written to him. Since he doesn’t have a single thought or has the capacity to speak his mind. He needs to be trained and be groomed into a position of looking good at the rallies. That is why he cannot stomach or mind a debate. Where he has to freely think and prove his stances.

Until he shows up and proves otherwise… I doubt he has it in him. He don’t have the character or ability to speak on that platform. He just can’t and that’s why his snubbing these debates. It is like he knows he will suck and be a lost duck. Deep inside his ego and inside his mind his worried about himself underperforming to the viewers. He is worried that him stuttering and being incoherent will show that his not fit. That is why his not showing up.

He don’t want to be the old man who couldn’t show prestige or greatness in front of the public. That’s why he need the team and everyone to boost him ahead of the rallies. Where everything is planned and just set in motion. It is theatre that he can play, act and go back to a safe-heaven. In a three hour debate… you cannot do that and you have to find means to cope. Especially, if you are tested and questioned belief. You have to carry your weight and prove yourself. Which you don’t have to at a rally. Where most people are friendly to your cause and is eager to here your prepared speech. That is not what is happening on the TV screens and that’s why he don’t have the stamina or the mind to pull it off. Peace.

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