Ukraine: Kremlin can order total war on you but cannot manage a small retaliation…

The Kremlin said the reported Ukrainian airstrike will hinder future peace talks. “Of course, this is not something that can be perceived as creating comfortable conditions for the continuation of negotiations,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters” (The Moscow Times – ‘Ukrainian Helicopters Strike at Russian Oil Depot, Local Official Claims’ 01.04.2022).

If you ever though there was cowards in the world… the Kremlin and the Moscow elite is clearly there these days. The ones who ordered a total and annihilation war on Ukraine is sour and bitter after a fuel depot has been bombed within Russian territory. While the the Russian Forces has daily air-strikes since late February. It has been over a month of war and destruction within Ukraine. Therefore, the recent retaliation is small pickle in concern to the looting, destruction and deaths that Russian forces has done to Ukraine.

If only one fuel depot is enough of a breach to stop the talks. It shows how the Russians cannot see that they waged a war against Ukraine. The Russian Army and their allies has invaded, targeted and occupied territory within Ukraine. The Russian forces has bombed buildings, factories and military installations across the Republic. The Russians has bombed public buildings, schools and made areas into total war-zones and destroyed infrastructure for decades to come. Therefore, the bitterness of bombing on fuel depot is crying a river over nothing in the grand scale of things.

The Russians are lucky there was no casualties and fatalities in connection to the bombing of the fuel depot within the Belgorod. I have little to no sympathy here… as we have seen how damaging the war has been in Ukraine. With the million of refugees and internally displaced people, because of the conflict.

Kremlin cannot be serious here. They have damaged landmarks, bombed kindergartens, schools and everything else in their way. Their artillery and missiles haven’t only gone after military equipment or bases. No, they have gone after civilian targets and even bombed at planned humanitarian convoys within Ukraine.

That is why the Kremlin, President Putin and all his fellow cronies can grow a pair of balls. They are lucky the Ukrainian haven’t targeted more or even done anything similar in the border regions to Ukraine. If the Ukraine had acted like Russian forces and conscripts. The Russian people and such would flee further into the Federation. It would rain bombs in urban areas and cities would be targeted on the daily. In such a manner, that the people had to live for days underground and shelter.

Therefore, Kremlin is insincere and bitching here… it is like they are not thinking the Ukrainian would ever be able to retaliate and direct their war home. Because, the Ukrainian army was supposed to give up within days and now it’s been over a month of war. Kremlin need to see that the war can enter home and the missiles can go against targets within Russia.

This is the war that Russia wanted and suddenly it can come home. As long as the Russians are waging war. The warfare can be returned. It is not a one-sided affair… even if Vlad thinks so or his other close associates lives in that belief. Peace.

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