Opinion: 10m shillings is the price of an average Acholi MP apparently…

“𝐀𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐢 𝐌𝐏𝐬 – UGX 312.9m” (NTV Uganda, 29.03.2022).

The Acholi Parliamentary Group (APG) has consisted of 29 MPs and if that is still the case. Then each of them is 10 million shillings in a “special operation” surrounding the burial of late Speaker Jacob Oulanyah.

This is now reported and it’s obviously why, because the APG said it would boycott and not stand behind anyone else than an Acholi for the Speakership in the 11th Parliament. However, they voted like the rest of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) in regards to the recent election of former Deputy Anita Annet Among, which is not Acholi. Therefore, their treats was pointless and fruitless. Also, their ideals of ring-fencing a position based on tribe. That totally failed.

Alas… they still got additional perks and a benefits drive, which is 10 million shillings into the bank. The APG MPs has clearly gotten paid off for their utter silence and continuing the cause of the State House and the President in the 11th Parliament.

As it is perfectly clear that the Acholi Parliamentary Group and the Acholi MPs pleas and rhetoric ahead of the poll on Kololo fell on deaf ears. The NRM High Command and NRM CEC had already decided. Well, even the NRM Caucus was falling in line and the vote was just a practicality and a necessary thing to do by law. Everything else was already settle a day in advance or so.

The Acholi hadn’t enough leverage and neither did have a man inside the NRM CEC. Since the late Oulanyah happened to be their representative. They had nothing to offer or show for it. This is why it was easily to see that it was more business as usual. Ensure the cause and the will of the President. Not assuring and re-assuring a sub-region of the Republic. No, that is just a cause, which you amplify when in need of votes. The rest of the time… they can fall in line and it is just as easy as dropping an envelope of few million shillings to silence them all.

The President and his merry men only needed 10 million shillings each to get them to back-off. He only needed a small kickback to get them of the hook. That’s all that he needed and that was their price. So cheap, so simple and it’s not even funny.

The Acholi MPs came at a bargain and they took it. Instead of standing their ground and trying to show some sense of solidarity. Nevertheless, they can easily be bought and it’s proven now. Peace.

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