Kabataan Partylist: PDP-Laban Duterte faction’s endorsement of Marcos Jr. marks national unity of oligarchy (22.03.2022)

Despite the script hailing the staged endorsement as progress towards national unity and healing, Kabataan Partylist sees nothing but a national unity of oligarchy.

PDP-Laban through this endorsement stabs in the back its anti-dictatorship roots just to piggyback on the theft trail led by the Marcoses.

It is cemented further that the Duterte dynasty works to rehabilitate the Marcoses to full power, and the Marcos dynasty works to shield the Dutertes from accountability.

No one benefits from this union except those elite few who surround them and stand to gain from the plunder of our nation.

The negligent and matapobre stance of Marcos Jr. and the Duterte admin to continue charging excise taxes amid the oil price crisis is only a preview to how their alliance will leave more Filipinos hungry just to protect fellow oligarchs.

An easy option to ease the burden of ordinary citizens from skyrocketing prices would have been to decisively collect the unpaid 203-billion estate taxes of the Marcoses.

Worse, this union will definitely work to continue a bloody legacy of harmful redtagging operations, extrajudicial killings and attacks on democratic rights. They will not hesitate to do so just to silence youth who dare to question their corrupt rule.

They will boost funding for the Anti-Terror Law and NTF-ELCAC, spelling massacre by hunger or by bullet for many Filipinos.

We, Filipino youth have had enough. We are tired of a government serving and uniting only the oligarchy.

We will ensure the defeat of the Duterte-Marcos tandem for our rights to education, health, livelihood and civil liberties. We stand united for genuine social change against the tyranny of the Duterte-Marcos alliance.

Kabataan Partylist

March 22, 2022

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