Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Press Statement (20.03.2022)

Some leaders of the Forces of Freedom and Change and members of the Committee to dismantle the regime of the thirtieth of June – frozen by the coup order – are still under political and arbitrary arrest in the prisons of the coup authority under the pretext of malicious communications intended to provide a false legal cover for this arrest.

Arrest and deprivation of rights continue, with some of them not being investigated, despite the passage of several weeks. To deliberately wasting his right to medical care for a period of ten days, as he suffers from an injury that caused inflammation of the feet and legs and requires medical intervention to treat it and may need surgical intervention. However, the request made by his defense to refer him to the specialized doctor has not found approval so far despite the exacerbation of inflammation and the accumulation of pus.

Announcing this, we affirm that the coup authorities and their assistants in the security and justice agencies bear full responsibility for the safety and health of Mr. Taha and all detainees.

Prisons, detention centers and all forms of oppression from the coup authority will only increase our people’s determination to resist and defeat it and to restore the march of civil democratic transformation.

March 20, 2022 AD

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