Opinion: The UniTeam should be able to speak without prepared speeches at rallies

That Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos Jr. and Inday Sara Duterte is both ditching and not showing up to National Debates are only showing lack of willingness to debate. Secondly, the Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates are not bothering to be questioned or challenged on a National scale.

That BBM isn’t show up isn’t new. He has done it twice. While Inday is doing the same trick today. While they are campaigning and having a rally elsewhere. It is natural that the UniTeam wants to campaign and hold rallies ahead of the elections. No on is questioning that and all candidates on all levels are doing that ahead of the polls.

What is more significant that the other candidates who stands for Presidency and Vice Presidency are on the TV screens and they are answering open questions. These debates shows that the candidate have the cognitive ability to articulate their polices and can defend their stances under pressure. Alas, what the UniTeam is showing is disregarding this and not trusting the process.

BBM can issue Press Release before and after debates, but these are practically useless. Since, we have not seen him debate or directly pushed Leni Robredo or “Isko” Moreno for that matter. No, his just a going to rallies with prepared speeches and ad-libs from his team. It doesn’t show his true character, but more political theatre for all we know.

If the BBM and Inday Sara wants to be taken seriously and look like good candidates. They should at least try to show up and be visible together with the other candidates. It is just showing reluctance to participate and showing their true spirit in the race. Therefore, they are either spineless or recklessly campaigning. Thinking their names and political dynasties are more valuable than trying to prove their political abilities. That’s what debates does… and can test a person. Because, when you do debate. You can see, if the person or politician can articulate and speak with reason on any subject or political belief in contrast to an opposition. This is something we haven’t seen from these two.

That Bong Bong Marcos isn’t show up is either he needs everything to be scripted and prepared, because he doesn’t have the mental capacity or mind to be competitive under duress. While we should think a Presidential Candidate should do this, because you never know what will happen in your term as President. Neither can you be prepared for the challenges or possible scandals coming your ways. As allies, appointees or even close associates might trigger problems, which the President has to clean up. If not, mother nature or humanity is giving a headache, which the President has to deal with. This is why he has to prove his character and policies ahead of the polls. A name and a face isn’t enough, unless your a fool and think empty nub-heads is fit for the purpose.

The same can be said about the VP role. Inday Sara should have stood and act correctly. As the other candidates did show up and did their duty. So, that we know who they are and how they are reasoning.

The UniTeam can come with any sort of poll and call themselves front-runners, but they are neither brave nor wise. They are actually fools and acting above the rest of the candidates. Which is indifferent to the reasons for the offices, which they seeking. They are supposed to represent the people and the people need to know about their abilities. Instead these two just want political theatre and gimmicks. These two rather wants Facebook posts and social media support. Than trying to honestly address who they are and what they want to achieve.

For all we know at this point. They are just soul-less people who are living on their names and dynasties. These two don’t have character or voices to defend their stances. At-least not what they are showing up to this point.

A Press Release isn’t anything in the grand scheme of thing… It is hard to believe these two are courageous or can stand up in the middle of a storm. As they are not even capable of showing up to debates. That’s the gist of it. Peace.

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