Opinion: The Luwero Triangle could pay the sacrifice for the bush-war, but it was forgotten afterwards…

The Luwero triangle ministry has not had impact on livelihood of the people in the area, leaders in Luwero district have said. They said the ministry, which was meant to mitigate the effects of the war in the region, has created no impact so far” (New Vision – Impact of Luwero Triangle ministry isn’t visible, area leaders say’ 10.08.2021).

The Ministry of Luwero Triangle was established in 2001 and by the end of 2021 the Ministry hadn’t done anything. In a region and area, which is said to be the mystical place and origin of the rebellion. A rebellion that is the groundbreaking reason for the existence of the National Resistance Movement or the National Resistance Army (NRM/A). Therefore, the NRM is clearly forgetful about it’s origins.

Here is what is reported to have happened in the Luwero Triangle:

However, it was the UNLA’s mass killings in the so-called Luwero Triangle, northwest of Kampala, which attracted most international attention. The triangle was formed by the convergence of the roads going north from Kampala to Bomba and Hoima. The Luwero area was chosen by the opposition guerrillas as a centre for operations against the government. Local people had resoundingly rejected Milton Obote ‘ s UPC in 1980 and there was undoubtedly considerable support for the guerrillas. The government’s response was brutal, not discriminating between the guerrillas who were elusive and not often captured and civilians, who were arbitrarily detained, tortured, raped and killed. Just how many died in the Luwero Triangle is ‘not known. The United States State Department estimated in 1984 that between 100,000 and 200,000 people had been killed. Certainly the population in that area declined dramatically under the Obote government although this was partly the result of the UNLA’s policy of forced removal of civilians population. On the rare occasions when it acknowledged that killings had occurred, the government implausibly blamed them on NRA guerrillas in captured army uniform. This was flatly contradicted by much eye-witness evidence. One of the best documented incidents took place at Namugongo, about 10 miles northeast of Kampala, in May 1984. Up to 100 unarmed civilians were killed, including the Reverend Godfrey Bazira, Principal of the Uganda Martyrs’ Theological College, and Sheik Yusuf Mollo, Imam of the nearby Kita mosque. UNLA soldiers entered the theological college, apparently searching for guerrillas. Staff and students were interrogated, fired at and beaten. Four individuals, including the Vice-Principal and another priest, were arrested. The four were held in military custody in Kampala and tortured before being transferred to police custody and released uncharged next day. The Reverend Godfrey Bazira was shot in the leg, beaten and taken away. When his body was discovered later, one eye was found to have been gouged out and there were other marks of torture and gunshot-wounds. Over the next two days many other people in Namugongo village and the surrounding area were beaten, tortured and killed by soldiers. Many women were raped. Anglican, Roman Catholic and Muslim religious ·places were desecrated and soldiers looted and destroyed property” (Amnesty International – Uganda – Human Rights Record, 1986-1989, March 1989).

You would think a war-torn region, which was the base of your rebellion would have gotten more after the liberation. Nevertheless, as the Ministry of the Luwero Triangle was established in 2001 and the war ended in 1986. The war continued in the Northern Uganda for many years to come, but in Luwero it ended with the hostile takeover of Kampala the same year. So, the NRA/M had its time and opportunity to make a difference there. However, it waited with a Minister 15 years and it’s been 36 years in power. After 35 years the people still couldn’t see any changes.

That says something about the NRM and how they haven’t supported the region, which gave it life and possibility to wage war. The NRM haven’t paid back to the ones that suffered the most. Still, the NRM boost on the daily about their magnificent record and how it fundamentally changed things. Alas, that is a lie. The NRM couldn’t even make a difference to the Luwero Triangle. That’s how disgraceful it is.

It only taken care of the NRA historicals and the ones who finalized deals with the rebel government in it’s early days. That’s why certain people are nearly automatically in the cabinet and has a plum-job. This is what is offered them and they will live lavish for life. While the families and the ones who was in war-zone for the whole bush-war hasn’t gotten anything substantial for it. That says something about the reigning party. Peace.

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