Sudan: The Generals can kill a man but you can’t kill an idea

The Sovereign Council and the Army Commanders who controls it. Are using vicious force and violence to stagnate the will of the people. The authorities are using brutal means to address the marches. Thousands of people are wounded and countless of people murdered since the second coup of 26th October 2021.

The ones in-charge can hold on too power and cling-on to it. However, they cannot assault every civilian, arrest all activists or coordinators. The Forces of Freedom and Change, the Resistance Councils and their allies are not getting any weaker. The marches, the structures and the charter sets all in motion.

The Transitional Sovereign Council isn’t on the merits of the public, but they are there on the graces of loyalty amongst the soldiers. It is the arms, the tear-gas and the guns that keeps them a-float. It isn’t the popularity or the justified representation of people in Sudan.

No, these are violent leaders who repress, suppress and oppress people on a regular basis. While they are not taking into account the masses or their will. That is very evident. Since, the first coup d’etat after Omar Al-Bashir. The Transitional Military Council (TMC) thought they could hijack the revolution. Even as they killed, massacred and slaughtered civilians in their name.

Now, the same gentlemen in the mighty council continues to crack skulls, harm civilians and target the ones who is resisting them. That is very clear by now. The stories, the tales of rape and other violent attacks on hospitals. Only shows what the authorities under guidance of these military commanders are willing to do.

I cannot see any sort of relief or escape from it. The violence of the state, the brutality and the pain it serves it citizen is endless. There is no bound and people are arrested just for their political belief or the power of resistance. The state is willing to make them criminals for fighting for a just cause. A cause of which, the people elects a civilian government and have good governance.

That is what the army commanders works against. They are thriving, having all power to themselves and they can muster the army, if in need or the Rapid Support Force (RSF) to knock some sense into the public. Therefore, it is hard to see any changes or read of movement, which serves the interests of the people.

No, the Sovereign Council acts like the marches, demonstrations or the resistance councils even matters. No, it acts above it and thinks it can quell it. However, the Sovereign Council and it’s warlords cannot stop an idea. They can get rid of a few leaders and activists, but the idea that they have envisioned. Is bound to happen eventually. Either by the hands of righteous men or by the mercy of the lord.

Since, the TMC or the Sovereign Council will not last forever. The transitional powers will tear off and the bickering inside will suddenly transpire too. As the greed and the merciless grab of power wears off. The army commanders cannot shield themselves from it. The public and their cause is justified. They are reigning on borrowed time… and sooner or later… their time is over. Peace.

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