Opinion: Bong Bong Marcos cannot even be sincere about the attendance at the Las Piñas rally

Only about 18,000 attended the rally, according to an official statement by the Chief of Police of the PNP Las Piñas” (Rappler, 15.03.2022).

This is the issue of coming out with a statement and saying 500,000 people showed up to your event. Which seems sort of impossible in Las Piñas. As the population statistic for the city is about 590,000. In addition the tent of the venue was built for 5,000 and the estimates around it was triple. Meaning in total with this calculation… the rally would be around 20,000.

20,000 people to any rally isn’t bad for the UniTeam or the BBM-Sarah campaign. I find it really puzzling to have a tent, which fits a crowd of 5,000 and suddenly amass 500k. That is some biblical shit and sort of miracle that only Jesus Christ could pull off. As he could feed 5,000 with five loaves of bread and two fish. It sounds like the same sort of thing to me.

That Bong Bong Marcos wants to look majestic makes all sorts of sense. Especially, since he doesn’t have the character or spine to show up at debates. He needs to boost his ego and look more successful than he really is.

What is striking is that Inday Sara is willing to join the ride and not refute the lies. This is not how integrity or reality looks like. It is like BBM wanted to look like the whole city was at his rally and nothing else to do. They had to show up and feel the “love in the air”. God knows really, but this is just disgusting.

It shouldn’t be this hard. However, that shows the character of the UniTeam and BBM. They are willing to lie about attendance and boost their numbers too ridiculous levels. In such a fashion, I have to use a story from the bible to show how dumb it is.

He has made the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes turned into a feast for 5,000 people. That’s the miracle of Las Piñas. BBM claimed in Press Release “hundred of thousands join UniTeam caravan” and 500,000 attended the really. Today, the PNP has refuted that and it’s evident it wasn’t possible.

This is why the BBM UniTeam shouldn’t boost their ego too fast. It is only looking stupid and really fast. When the old man cannot stomach questions on an open mic and people are supposed to believe his statements. Clearly, he wants to manufacture his own hype. Where he is fixated on astronomical numbers and glorifying presence. However, that is not the reality we live in.

Yes, there are pictures of plenty of people in one street around the caravan of BBM. Nevertheless, it is impossible to believe that 100,000 would be fitting on one street and around the vehicles of the campaign team. Which everyone knows and when they are lying about the tent and the crowds there. How can we trust the massive outreach of the presence around the convoy?

I am not saying that people didn’t show up, but it wasn’t like 90% of the population in the area was inside that tent or 50% of the population was on the streets hugging the limelight of Bong Bong Marcos that day. There was a rally with thousands attending and there was thousands of people in the streets. However, a 100k or more seems insincere and easily debunked lie.

BBM needs to be legit and speak within bounds of reality. The fiction and the lies aren’t it. He can speak non-fiction and sell stories. Nevertheless, we will not allow buffoonery. Peace.

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