Opinion: Marcos Jr. Versus Robredo

The main candidates in this up-coming Presidential Election in the Philippines will be between Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos Jr. and current Vice-President Leni Robredo. That is the gist of it. The last few days are proving it even more. As they battling over having the most prominent endorsements of Bulacan. Just to prove to the public that they have the public behind it.

However, there are two very significant difference between these two candidates. Not only is Marcos Junior the son of the late dictator. He is also very lacking in achievements as a representative in higher office. The BBM team and the machinery behind wants to sell it all like hot-cakes. Nevertheless, that is still not the whole truth.

Yes, on the recent Pulse Asia poll he has gathered a grand lead on the rest of the candidates. Even if it is so, I would take it with a grand of salt. As the Presidential Candidate in a harsh political climate as the Philippines cannot stomach to participate or be part of Presidential Debates. Marcos Jr. is ditching the second one and that is showing lack of awareness.

Maybe, Marcos hopes that he can live on and thrive on the popularity of the Inday Sarah. As she can live on her political dynasty and her fathers popularity in the general public. That is how things seems, since Marcos only shows up to own rallies and isn’t a part of the conversation nationally like the rest of them.

VP Robredo is getting support of the Churches, Academics and former diplomats. It is not like Robredo is hyper popular as a candidate, but she is more down to earth in comparison to Marcos. She is at least not trying to artificially generate huger crowds and lie about the attendance.

What is striking however… is how BBM and the team trying to make him so magnificent. When he doesn’t have the courage or the balls to attend debates. It is like he knows he doesn’t have the answers or the cognitive ability to articulate his policies or plans ahead. That’s how it looks to me.

Yes, Robredo’s term in office as the VP haven’t been golden. At least she has had the character and tried. She has stood in the storm and been desecrated on a daily basis. Still with that in mind. Leni is still pushing ahead and not looking back. If she had been as soft and mellow as Marcos. Nobody in their right mind would have believed in her candidacy.

The reason why BBM is more strengthened is because of Inday Sarah. They are now a powerful ticket, because she has the dynasty of Duterte behind her. We know also the 7-Eleven “Daily Cupdates” has but him in front. It is still early, just like all the “pink-days” on social media.

We are seeing various of celebrities weighing in and being parts of the rallies. That will make a sudden impact on their fandoms, but will not change the pattern substantially. Unless, they are BTS size of fandoms or Taylor Swift fans. It is a need for a real momentum. Neither candidate has that right now. They are still canvassing and salvaging whatever advantage they can.

The way I see it. BBM should man up and grow a pair of balls. Prove that he has the ability to discuss and come with good arguments for his candidacy. Which none of us has seen. The prepared rallies and team composed speeches will not prove anything. Other than the gentleman can be composed on stage. We would expect more of a President and a Presidential Candidate.

That’s why with the record and the former roles Leni she has more to give right now. She don’t have dynasties or the machinery behind her. Robredo is a weaker candidate, as she doesn’t have the plunder or the ability to pay of a lot the hurdles. However, if it is a battle of character and proven capacity. Robredo is more worthy than Bong Bong by a landslide.

That Marcos Jr. looks good in two polls at this point of time. Shouldn’t stop the other candidates from working and proving their worth. Instead, it should galvanize them and inspire them to prove it even more. As they know BBM cannot or have no courage to be in the ring with the rest. He has to be scripted and in print by friendly media. Not like the others who are daring to be undressed and fall flat in front of the whole nation. Peace.

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