UPC Regional Chairman for Bunyoro Kajura Amooti arrested over an unknown social media post

UPC regional Chairman for Bunyoro, Matias Kajura is under police custody following some post on one social media group kangabaije, it’s alleged he rubbed security the wrong way the CISO and RCC ordered for his arrest. We strongly condemn this act of intimidation and abuse of freedom of expression and association. We demand his unconditional release because Chairman Matias Kajura Amooti is not and can never be a threat to the security of Bunyoro which he serves with passion. Freedom of expression should not be abused and we won’t let it happen under our watch here in Bunyoro. Intimidation and arrogance will be fought to the marrow. Bunyoro is predominantly NRM, but we have freedom of association and we should learn to be tolerant and accommodate divergent opinion” (Enyunyuzi za Bunyoro, 07.03.2022).

This news reached me through Andrew Omara on Twitter. It wasn’t causing headlines or stir elsewhere. It is a need… because it is clear that Matias Kajura Amooti is arrested for his political aspirations and conscience.

That makes him a political prisoner or a prisoner of conscience. There is even reports that he possible is bare-feet and kept in an unknown location. His kept like so many others in the Republic in incommunicado.

Whatever he wrote on the Kangabaije group shouldn’t matter. It would be interesting to read it or see a screenshot of it. Since, it would be interesting to see what got him into trouble. We have in the past seen texts, which is offending the President and his Son. Which has been enough to offend and be called “offensive communication”. This time around there is not in the public or known. Only that the man is arrested and taken into custody.

This is worrying, but follows a pattern of the state. Which is more reckless and easily can detain people without court orders or warrants. There is no proof or reason for charges at this current time. There is only wild speculation, which isn’t any good. However, I doubt he was arrested on solid grounds.

This is just another us of a drone in 2022. Peace.

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