Opinion: Chakwera outplayed his whole potential

But we might just get away with it

Religion’s in your lips

Even if it’s a false god

We’d still worship

We might just get away with it

The altar is my hips

Even if it’s a false god” Taylor Swift – ‘False God’ (2019).

Who knew this could go so badly so fast? We knew things could become worse when we saw the first cabinet and the direct nepotism in the Tonse Alliance. President Lazarus Chakwera has only been the President since June 2020, but it feels like ages. A year in politics can feel like a decade and for Chakwera that is all but true.

The Tonse Alliance and Chakwera don’t have the public behind it. Neither is it showing any signs of keeping up with pledges and promises. It was easily for Chakwera to be blazing and blatant disregarding bad practices of the previous government in opposition. However, now as the Head of State and governing party life has turned out sour quickly.

Chakwera isn’t living up to his own hype. Neither is allies. They are all disappointing. That’s why the citizens and activists are on the streets. Petition the government and seeing the failure. The discontent is growing and brewing inequalities isn’t making things better. The only change was the governing party, but the acts are the same. The same corruption, inept governing and nepotism.

Chakwera isn’t practising what he preaches. He has spoken so clearly and evidently against these practices, but in office his letting all of it go. There only some posturing and some publicity stunts. However, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) isn’t financially supported and neither the pending cases of probes into grand corruption. It is put on the back-burner, because these scandals would hit the government. Just like the scandals under the previous administration did.

That’s what is shockingly obvious, that reverend and former preacher isn’t living up to his preaching. His been talking so gallantly and with hubris how he would be different. How his government would be honest and supreme. The Chakwera reign would differ from the predecessor. However, we are not seeing that and neither is anyone else. It is carbon copy with another brother at the top.

Chakwera is just acting like the previous ones did. His not challenging or reforming. The President is busy at conferences and at meetings with dignitaries. While his not governing in any sort of new way. No, he could have been swapped with the previous one and nothing would have seen differently.

No, in Lilongwe and Blantyre. The same problems is evident. The state isn’t fixing or adjusting to 2022. No, it is just finding ways of eating of the government plate and calling it a day. That’s how things are looking and it’s no good.

Chakwera wasn’t an honest candidate, but just another snake-oil salesman. Promising salvation and hope, but only delivering false gods. Peace.

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