Ukraine: Europe needs to listen to the pleas of President Zelensky Part II

Russia just recently launched 8 missiles on the city of Vinnytsya [central part of the country] destroying airport and basic infrastructure.We are repeating every day: close the sky over Ukraine! Close to all Russian missiles, to Russian military aircraft, to all these terrorists. Create a humanitarian air zone. No missiles. No air bombs. We are people, and it is your humanitarian obligation to protect us, protect people. And you can do it, If you don’t do this, if you don’t give us at least planes so that we can defend ourselves, then only one conclusion can be drawn: you also want us to be killed very slowly. Today and Forever” – President Volodymyr Zelensky (Video Address on 06.03.2022).

It is the 11th Day of the Russian-Belorussian invasion of Ukraine. The Ukrainian President Zelensky is looking visibly tired and possibly exhausted. Which isn’t shocking, as the battle-torn republic is beaten on every day by a mightier force. Ukraine is being tested and attacked ferociously. That’s why the President is coming with a new plea to the allies of the West and the United States.

Yes, Europe and United States has added military equipment, military vehicles, drones and ammunition. That is helping the Ukrainian army at this current moment. The added arms and ammunition is helping. As much a the volunteers and freely moved internation conscription to the Foreign Legion. Which is also helping the defence of Ukraine.

However, the steady usage of missiles, bombs and drones of the Russians is damaging the Republic at a rapid pace. The Russian forces are able to target, carpet bombing and destroy Ukraine, one building at a time and one region at a time. This is a slow destruction and assault of the Republic. Which is done by the air-force and the artilleries, which the Russian has at their disposal.

That the European Union, Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization and United States is dismissing the “No-Fly Zone” is just discouraging, as well as not helping the weaker party in dire need. If they do care about the existence of Ukraine. The West and the allies of Europe has to show up with more. Since, the Russian can just slowly destroy and assault Ukrainian territory on the regular. Which is what it is currently doing. Sending missiles, bombs and whatnot against Ukrainian cities.

If you can’t close the sky now, give us a deadline when it will happen. Tell me how many people have to explode? Tell me, how many? I’ll go to count and wait for this moment” (Zelensky, 06.03.2022).

This is the moment and the deaths of Ukraine should be on the conscience of everyone. Since, the “no fly-zone” could save lives. It could effectively save the war-effort and damage the possibilities of furthering advances of the Russian-Belorussian forces within Ukraine. The European and American support is vital now.

The Ukrainian forces been able to stagnate and stop the advances so far. However, it can be less costly and cause less of a bloodbath. If the allies helps out and actually serves these interests. We know Putin already called the sanctions as a declaration of war. Therefore, if that was slightly true. Than the issuing of a “no fly-zone” wouldn’t make any difference to him. However, it would an escalation, which could make things vastly different. That’s why NATO and EU is careful to not do it. Peace.

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