Opinion: Eritrea’s UNGA “No” Vote Explanation isn’t it!

Recognizing that the military operations of the Russian Federation inside the sovereign territory of Ukraine are on a scale that the international community has not seen in Europe in decades and that urgent action is needed to save this generation from the scourge of war” (…) “1. Reaffirms its commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders, extending to its territorial waters;

2. Deplores in the strongest terms the aggression by the Russian Federation against Ukraine in violation of Article 2 (4) of the Charter;

3. Demands that the Russian Federation immediately cease its use of force against Ukraine and to refrain from any further unlawful threat or use of force against any Member State;

4. Also demands that the Russian Federation immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw all of its military forces from the territory of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders;” (Draft Resolution A/ES-11/1-1 – “Aggression against Ukraine” 02.03.2022).

No surprises here. I am only taking a small fraction of the Extraordinary United Nations General Assembly and their resolution against the “Aggression against Ukraine” which only a few nations who voted no or abstained from voting against it. That’s because the international community and solidarity towards the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Eritrea was one of the member states in the United Nations who voted “no” on the resolution. It just show their allegiance and friendly relations towards Russia. They are showing this loyalty while voting their way. However, the excuses for defending it isn’t it. The Eritrean diplomats should just say: “We are in debt to Moscow and their aide towards us is valuable. That’s why we are willing to go against all principals and rights of a sovereign. Therefore, we are reaffirming the support and standing behind the warfare of the Russian federation in Ukraine”. If the Eritrean government and diplomats had done that. They had at least been sincere… and not this shallow, as Shabait is in it’s defence.

Just look here:

Eritrea firmly believes that respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity, and political independence, as enshrined in the United Nations Charter, are sacrosanct principles and should be respected by everyone, at all times, for the attainment of sustainable world peace. Eritrea’s vote is a demonstration of its uncompromising stand for peace. Its position is against internationalizing, incessant rhetoric, and impositions of unilateral sanctions, which regrettably further polarize international relations and escalate the situation with enormous implications for civilians. Instead, we have consistently opted for world regions to be given the needed space and solidarity to address political problems” (Shabait – ‘Explanation of vote after the vote by the delegation of Eritrea’ 02.03.2022).

Let me conclude by reiterating that Eritrea would like to see that the windows for diplomacy remain open. We are confident of the ability of the parties to resolve their differences and reach an outcome that meets the interests and concerns of all. We hope that the international community constructively supports the parties in their search for sustainable peace” (Shabait – ‘Explanation of vote after the vote by the delegation of Eritrea’ 02.03.2022).

When you read this text, it makes sense, but when you see it in the light of vital parts of the resolution against Russia. You see how the Eritrean diplomats is double-speaking. As it speaks of respecting the UN Charter and the values of being a sovereign, but the Eritrea state voted against rebuking the invasion and warfare within Ukraine by an outside entity. Therefore, Eritrea cannot defend that and stand behind it in this manner. Since, it is indirectly supporting the invasion by voting “no” and not respecting the sovereign member state Ukraine.

I don’t see how the “no” vote is a sign of peace. It is a direct support of the nation that is ordering war on another. Maybe, because the Eritrean doesn’t want to have votes against it’s actions within another sovereign Ethiopia, which it has been participating in the warfare in Tigray region and elsewhere in Ethiopia. That would make sense, as they are war-lords and behind atrocities there. So, they need the support of Russia to be able to continue the war itself. Russians should be happy to see this vote, as they are supported by one ally, which happens to be Eritrea.

It is clear that Eritrea isn’t worried if a bigger nation would violate it or invade it. Since, they are vouching for Russia here. That’s the essence here. They are supporting the imperial powers of the world and Eritrea isn’t someone you can trust diplomatically, apparently. It is not shocking, but just a further proof of what it is willing to do. And say afterwards … to defend their despicable act of Russia in Ukraine. Peace.

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