The Former Kawempe South MP Munyagwa was kidnapped by an unknown security agency today

Former Kawempe South MP Mubarak Munyagwa has been kidnapped & whisked off in a drone. His aide says the kidnappers waylaid him around Masanafu as he drove to NBS Television for NBS Eagle” (Simon Kaggwa Njala, 20.02.2022).

A source familiar with the matter reveals that Joseph Sabiiti on Saturday morning rang ex Kawempe South MP Munyagwa Mubarak and gave him an offer of UGX 15m to stop defending Zaake on TV shows but the FDC strongman declined to trade his integrity for peanuts” (Emmanuel Busingye – ‘Among flees country, deploys UGX 100m for bloggers, NBS journalists’ 20.02.2022,

First and foremost we don’t know why Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Stalwart Mubarak Munyagwa was kidnapped earlier today. He has been kidnapped and arrested before, he has fought cases and been in legal jeopardy before. This is nothing new to the former MP. He has been under fire and in trouble during his career. However, that doesn’t justify the recent kidnap and keeping hum incommunicado without any knowledge for why.

We don’t know why the former MP was taken away and kept in an undisclosed location. We don’t know the charges or the reason. If it was a bribe or he “offended the Don”. We don’t know if he has uttered some “offensive communication” or anything,

The former MP is taken without any clear reason or indication for doing so. This is lightening striking in broad daylight and for no apparent reason. That’s what’s going on. The former MP was kidnapped back in 2010 and this is a re-issue of that. Nevertheless, we don’t know the reason or why it happened. Which is showing how “rule of law” is only in the words, but not in the action of the current time. Peace.

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