Opinion: King Mswati III should hold talks with Putin [for peace]

The King Mswati III of Eswatini, the kingdom of Eswatini should send the absolute monarch since April 1986 would have insights and can use his tyrannical ways to reason with Russian President Vladimir Putin who has been practically the Head of State of the Federation since 2000. Therefore, the King could possibly talk some sense into the ice-cold former KGB agent and enlighten him about possible consequences of altering world order.

King Mswati III could speak highly of the practice of Sibaya and how Putin can use that in means of diplomacy. Since the long table only sparks further meetings, phone-calls and stronger statements from all parties. There is a need for resolve and the monarch should offer his wisdom and majestic traditions on an international stage.

The tyrant could tell him about the sacrificing of people for traditional rituals and blood-offerings. How that gives him strength and wisdom. In such a manner, that Putin can reconcile his difference and see new ways of internally strengthening his throne. Instead of advancing and creating a more hostile Europe. That’s what the King can offer, as he can show his history of torment, arrests and appointees, as he don’t even need elections to have representatives in the Kingdom. These sorts of lessons he can give to Putin. Just to enlighten him about being an absolute monarch and how that feels.

King Mswati III could be a real mentor, guidance and a principal for Putin. To show him the ancient ways of monarchs. How they have reigned supreme and hold on to power. As it seems the will of war is more important for Putin. Than to actually hold on and keep things stable in Moscow. No, he is just re-issuing conflicts in former Soviet Republic’s and borderline war on them. As the leaders turn West or elsewhere for wisdom.

Putin should open his mind to the tyrant of Eswatini. So, he could understand how King Mswati III is able to rule like he does. Because, Putin has revised the Constitution and been an underling in one term. Just so he could return to power. Now his supreme and continues to do so. However, he needs to be elected and the cycle of misfortune continuous….

The King might give him reasons and reflect on how the throne has been so vital, important and all controlling in Eswatini. In such a fashion, that Putin might consider to this and not invade or create international conflict. Because, he could instead make himself the absolute monarch of the Russian Federation like the ancient Tsar ones was. Because, deep in heart, I am sure he wanted to be on the throne and anoint himself as a royal. Since, that’s the only thing missing from the total takeover and mesmerizing amount of prestige he could get. Also, his sons and daughters could become prince and princesses.

Alas, we know that nothing of this will ever happened. We are just awaiting the final call and the last straw of excuses for a war on Ukraine. While we could hope for diplomacy and the old world order to save Europe from war. However, maybe someone like King Mswati III could enlighten Putin. But don’t expect him too, there will never be an invitation or a phone-call. No, this is just a pipe-dream that a tyrant can be used for something useful for once. Nevertheless, in our times of need. That’s just too much to ask… Peace.

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