Opinion: Nsereko MP needs a retirement plan

The Kampala Central MP Muhammed Nsereko lost the plot on NTV On the Spot last night. He was smoked and burned by the arguments made by lawyer Isaac Ssemakadde who was right on the money. Ssemakadde proven that wits and wisdom isn’t in titles or the office of the beholden, but of the character of a person. That’s why Nsereko couldn’t acknowledge it, because the lawyer didn’t give any moment to breathe.

I don’t feel sorry for the MP as he plans to put string on the freedom of speech, the liberty of expression and silence dissidents online. The state who already has the Computer Misuse Act with offensive communication and have the Penal Code of Article 24, which has made it forbidden to annoy, ridicule or alarm the President. Therefore, the state already has lots of stipulations, laws and regulation on media to block the unintended reports, articles, communications or messages online.

That’s why it was so vital for the lawyer to burn the bridges of Nsereko who is trying to forge his position and place within the NRM. The former rebel and “independent” MP who is as close to the NRM as you can be without being it. He is just another asset of the ruling regime and that’s why he wanted to discover and work on new legislation to silence critics.

This is the same man that has vast wealth and was at one point mentioned as the wealthiest MP in the Republic. That was said about him before the 2016 General Election in the run-up time in 2015. The MP has been in office since 2011 and been able to be reputable. While also swinging on the edges to be useful for the NRM. Therefore, his one of a few in the Buganda region that is NRM leaning in the 11th Parliament. As the People Power wave too most of the constituencies there.

However, with that in mind, the populist and the calculated fellow has outmanoeuvred himself this time. His maybe trying his Magyezi private motion and private bill sort of trick. To do the emperor a favour and shut down critics totally online.

So, you would think a third term legislator and representative would have upped his game and made valid reasons for a change or make new legislation. However, his school-yard reasoning wasn’t flying high yesterday. No, it was falling flat and he could never recover from the fall-off.

Nsereko, if his wealth of the past still exists… he will always have huge investments in Zambia to live off from in the future. Secondly, he surely has invested the millions of shillings his been earning as an MP for all these years. Not like he has to worry about the NSSF payouts with grown age. He should be covered for life with the suits, envelopes, cars and salary, which he has earned over a decade in Parliament.

This man don’t have to worry…. We all know that and Nsereko should work on his stances and arguments. You cannot outsmart someone with a suit and tie. Nsereko needs to come correct and not only a mere full of empty statements, which is pointless. That’s only working on the naive or the belligerent people in the crowds. Clearly, he has taken water over his head and cannot cannot carry the weight.

Nsereko better revise his plans and maybe adjust himself to his own expectations. As the populist and wealthy MP can only get you so far. That was proven yesterday and he now has to find a way to land softly.

If not… just linger on as a silent partner of the regime in the Parliament and hoping people forgetting until next election. Since that’s years to come and many more scandals happen before that time around. Peace.

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