Djibouti: A foiled coup d’etat today – An update 48 hours later

BREAKING: Djiboutiian Police chief Col. Abdullahi Abdi and the former budget minister, Bode Roble, transferred to the notorious Gabode prison – Sources. Col. Farah was heard in a leaked tape saying that the country’s First Lady is more powerful than President Guelleh” (Morad News ,17.02.2022).

Today on the 17th February 2022, there been movement of several of accused of the plotted coup d’etat in Djibouti. That is reported by Morad News. While earlier today there was news of new appointments in the Police Service, as several of police commanders and army commanders are arrested in association with the plot.

So, since 15th February 2022 the government haven’t dropped much information or if any. There been little to none. This has made the opposition and dissident voices to call it a purge, instead of the announced coup plot. That wouldn’t be shocking, as the opposition activists or dissident are taken down by the authorities in Djibouti. Heck, Djibouti activists fleeing for Ethiopia can be forced to return home by Ethiopian authorities. Therefore, there are no safe-haven for asylum.

We can really wonder what’s going down. As the only information that has been dropped within 48 hours is that someone dropped a tape humiliating the President of 23 years. He must have felt mocked by that, but that isn’t a reason to arrest someone or detain several of leaders of the authorities within the Republic. Which now is getting new appointments like the ones that was announced today in the Police Service.

That’s why going forward and with the lack of information. It is hard to know what is going down. The silence and lack of transparency. Only make people speculate and question what is happening. President Guelleh should be more transparent, but that isn’t his way… so don’t expect some massive leaks, unless disgruntled civil servants will show what is really going on. Therefore, the only way we will know is if a whistleblower risks things, but doing that is risking their whole career and livelihood. That’s why I understand why nobody does that.

We just have to wait and see, if there will be any sort of information, which will peak our interests in this coup d’etat saga or purge. Peace.

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