Opinion: The MPs impeaching Zaake better delete all social media

Insider information from Parliament indicates that a section of MPs angered by the actions of Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake, have now resorted to collecting signatures to have him impeached from the office of the Commissioner of Parliament” (NBS Television, 17.02.2022).

The Members of Parliament that is impeaching National Unity Platform MP Francis Zaake. Better do themselves a favour, as ancient relics they are and as analogue individuals they are. They better just delete themselves from all social media’s. This use the Unabomber approach on technology and get totally of the grid.

The National Resistance Movement MPs should just delete and suspend all of their accounts. They shouldn’t speak up on Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp. Because, if they impeach Zaake MP for what he did. They got to walk silently and be super careful online. These folks shouldn’t be disrespectful or mock anyone online. The MPs better act righteous at all time and not be on a warpath online.

The NRM MPs and all representatives who signs off this… better act correct and cordial at any moment. Not matter how much some people troll them or violate their honour. Since, they have no courage or ability to under Zaake MP. Zaake MP who was humiliated in the plenary session and mocked there. He only used an avenue and a platform he knows how communicate. That is why this is bothersome.

The NRM MPs who is doing this better be angels online and on social media platforms. They better not act bitter or swiftly. If so… and if they are outside of the norm speaking of someone within the chambers of Parliament. They better ask forgiveness and accept impeachment. If any NRM MP is speaking of balderdash or ignorant towards someone. They better expect to be voted for and become a backbencher with no role within the 11th Parliament.

That should be the message to them. These MPs better be sweet-worded and speak any ill. If they do… these MPs better be called out. The MPs has to always act with courtesy and not spit any venom. They better be the soft hearted people with no evil and no animosity.

So, if they are doing this to Zaake for what he said. None of them can ever utter any words of satire, sarcasm or irony for that matter. They can only speak with soft arguments and be cordial with others. The MPs better be careful and act with cautious. This sort of act of impeachment only shows how little they can do or say. If they do this over this matter.

All of the ones signing it off, voting him out, better not have a life online but be analogue and release press releases/statements, as they cannot be people or a civilian online. No, they better be offline and not join social media. Since, they blocked Zaake from speaking his mind after being mocked in the Plenary session by the Deputy Speaker.

They should know better, but the majority only cares about their own. Therefore, these folks has no spine or understanding of Zaake even. That is just the reality here. It is vicious and these people better do themselves a favour.

Suspend. Delete and live offline. You guys don’t belong online. When you impeach someone over words like these. Your words and double standard will follow them forever. These MPs better act correct and not say any words that can be interpret as ill-willed. Since they went after another brother for doing the same. Peace.

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