Opinion: Amama Mbabazi has returned

Was my name proposed by President Museveni? I don’t know. What I know is that each of the Presidents of the member states, including President Museveni, have confidence in me”Amama Mbabazi (16.02.2022)

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) member and former Go-Forward/The Democratic Alliance Presidential Candidate Amama Mbabazi is now in good favours with the State House and the President after the fallout in 2014, which lead too years in the desert and now he has returned to the fold.

His CV is extensive, as described on the World Economic Forum page: “1975, degree in Law, Makerere University; PGD in Legal Practice. 1986-1992, Chairman of the Permanent Tripartite Commission of East African Cooperation and Director-General, External Security Organization; 1997-2001, Minister of State in President’s Office; then Minister of State for Foreign Affairs; 1999-2000, Chairman Political Committee for countries involved in Congo conflict; 2004-06, Attorney-General; 2006, Minister of Defence; 2009-11, Minister for Security. Since May 2011, Prime Minister of Uganda; leads government business in Parliament. Secretary-General, National Resistance Movement, the ruling Party” (World Economic Forum – People – Amama Mbabazi).

This man has done a lot before he went into “opposition” as a presidential candidate and we know he has returned to go graces. The man has become the Special Envoy to South Sudan and Ethiopia. While today it’s official that his the Chairman of the Continental Think-Tank “Global Africa Security Foundation”, which is created by President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni and President Denis Sassou-Nguesso after the Oyo Mini-Summit earlier this month. The headquarters will be in Dakar, Senegal. Which means the chairman has to extensive travel in his operative state between Kampala, Dakar, Juba and Addis Ababa.

If this isn’t the return of Mbabazi nothing is. This shows that Museveni trust him and offers him plum-jobs. At one point he was seen as one of the most corrupt men of East Africa. He was a well known figure and the scandals surrounded him. The way of which he operated both the NRM party and his position within the cabinet. That was just his style and fashion, as a trusted man of the party and of the President. This is why he could get away with it and he defended it too.

Mbabazi was such a vocal representative of the state, as he has defended the NRM in many instances as well. This is why the President seems fit to have him back. He knows that Mbabazi will have his back and be supportive. They have known each other all these years and anything else would be strange. Especially, since the “opposition” enterprise didn’t go forward, but was a step backwards for the internal organizer.

It will be striking to see him defend the causes of “No Change” on a continental level, as the new foundation is made in the spirit of being against coup d’etat’s and putsch. That will be a travel for a man who has followed the NRM from early stages and been a permanent member of the party. So, to see this happening only makes sense.

As he is now regarded as the trustees of the legacy of Museveni. His one of the men who has been by his side and delivered what he has needed. Other than using his standing and causing a stir, which seems like ages ago. He has now gotten into good graces and that is evident. If he wasn’t he wouldn’t be a Special Envoy and be Chairman of the newly minted foundation.

That’s why you know he will carry the wishes of the President and be his token soldier defending his causes there. Peace.

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