Djibouti: A foiled coup d’etat today

Djiboutian Military and Police commanders placed under house arrest over “coup plot” – Reports Maj. Gen. Zakaria Sheikh and Col. Abdullahi Abdi are reportedly suspected of planning a coup against President Ismail Omar Guelleh who has been in office since 1999” (Morad News, 15.02.2022).

Sources say that the President ordered certain sect of the army officers be placed under house arrest, while jailing others citing suspicious illegal military activities around the country” (Somali News Network, 15.02.2022).

Ex-Djibouti minister Booda Roble was also placed under house arrest. Government is yet to comment on the matter” (Radio Dalsan, 15.02.2022).

The President of 23 years, Ismail Omar Guelleh who was elected for his 5th Term just a year ago in a questionable election, which the opposition boycotted. Where the regime have controlled everything and used violence against the Afar people of late. While the state has also sponsored the Issa-Somali militia, which has attacked the Ethiopian regions of Afar and Ogaden. Therefore, this regime isn’t unknown with using violence and sponsor conflict for it’s own interests.

President Guelleh who has been in power for over two decades should worry about his “popularity” and his general standing in Djibouti. As he has imposed himself on the republic. That’s why things like these happens, because everyone knows that no election will be free or fair. As it is all controlled by the President and his loyal cadres. This is why someone plotted his demise and they are now arrested.

There will be more news in concern to this. The authorities are silent about the matter, but sooner or later it must address it. We know the same authorities has arrested and silenced it’s critics. Therefore, these who plotted to overthrow Guelleh will now share the same type of room and board as these ones. Peace.

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