Opinion: The Son who wants remind the Voters about the Martial Law Era

Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. the son of the dictator of the Philippines who is running for Presidency in the upcoming elections. Him and his team decided on the proclamation rally to play the Martsa ng Bagong Lipunan anthem, which was a propaganda tool of his father and was played on the regular on the TV before the National Anthem. Therefore, this is distasteful and disgraceful.

Bong Bong Marcos already have to answer for the plunder and the looting of the state, which his father did and the vast wealth his family does have. Where he haven’t answered for this or been concerned about it even. Just like we know BBM haven’t been in favour or ever celebrated EDSA. This man rather forget the People’s Revolution and the fall of the dictatorship of his father. That seems to be clear now that he plays the song on the official start of his campaign on the 8th February 2022.

This is not a sign of leadership by Bong Bong, but instead of praise of what his father did. If you want to signal to the world that you prefer the achievements of your father and his legacy. Bong Bong did what finesse on the 8th February 2022. He maybe thought he gave the people a little of nostalgia and an anthem of remembrance. However, BBM failed with this one here… unless he wants a new martial law and be an image of his father.

It is weird writing this in 2022 but it is needed. As this sort of thing shouldn’t happen. It shouldn’t be necessary, but instead it is clear that someone has to call it out. This is not righteous and a move of wisdom. If Bong Bong wanted to distance from the legacy of his father and prove that he is his own man. He should maybe stand his ground and build up his own charismatic figure. Instead, he seemingly want to live on the “glory” of the “old days” with his father.

BBM lived a life of lavish times during his father reign. There was nothing he couldn’t do or couldn’t get. Maybe he wishes the times was as golden and riches would continue to run into his accounts. However, the plight and the suffering of Martial Law for the citizens wasn’t something people want to repeat. There was a reason for the popular revolution against his father and the heroes who are now celebrated every year.

That’s why BBM shows his mind and what he believes in. When he and his team decided to play Bagong Lipunan anthem. Just to remind the Filipino nation of the dark days of the Martial Law. As the songs and anthem is about the “New Society” his father aspired for. While other people suffered under his reign.

BBM and his team is showing their hearts. It is showing what they believe in and what they stand for by their actions. This shows us all why BBM haven’t cared for EDSA. As he launches himself with a new remix of the anthem of the martial law. That shows what he stands for and what he believes in.

Indirectly showing that he praises his father and his choices, by playing his songs and God knows what the next he does. Maybe he starts taking slogans and policies, which is ushering more of the dictatorship of his father.

The son should know better… but that’s too much to ask, apparently. He just wants to bash in the glory of his father and thinks that is a splendid way of notifying the world of his candidacy for Presidency. Peace.

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