Opinion: The Movement apologists has an unforgiving job…

Lest we forget.

We shall never forget their sacrifice and their eternal wisdom, which reflects so abundantly when they speak, write or profess their intelligence to the masses. It is unique and we all should aspire to their craft. As these gentlemen and ladies has a job, which we all should be grateful not to have.

The defenders of the National Resistance Movement and the Government of Uganda has a tireless operation to uphold. It has to make corruption into minor mistakes and make torture into a common occurrence. That’s what they do and they cannot faith in humanity, as they cannot dwell on the consequences of their actions. As the wounded, harmed and extra judicial killings has to explained by someone and the apologists are plenty.

The NRM has government spokespersons, media houses and representatives who is all singing the same songs. They are downplaying the severity and mocking the reality. It doesn’t matter, because they are eating and the plights of others doesn’t matter. The NRM has the power by the grips of the guns and by ruling the whole system with an iron-fist.

We know that the State House and inner-circle decrees, orders ensure the daily operations, which doesn’t follow constitutional order or protocol. That’s why we know that the Presidential Directives often supersedes laws and regulations, which just happen to be ascended into law by the same man. That makes it hectic to follow and also ensure the rights of the people.

As the President and his loyal men are all working to keep the system intact. It doesn’t matter at what cost and which sacrifice. As long as the sacrifice isn’t theirs and the ones in close association. Since, the citizens and dissidents has to pay the price. If it is kidnappings, kept incommunicado, tortured and later charged with bogus claims of criminal intent.

That’s why it must be a hectic mess to defend it. Not only stand your ground, but be flexible with the truth. As we know they have to dismiss and disregard the claims, the alleged and even the inevitable truth. Which flexes on their eyes and the facts remains the impunity and violations of human rights happens on the daily.

Yes, the NRM has instated courts and laws, but they are subjectively used, in a manner, which seems to help the elite, but be a bondage to everyone who dissent to the first family. That’s why it’s must be a brilliant attempt to spread the messages on all sorts of platforms. This is why the GCIC, Uganda Media Centre and all other avenues to ensure the people get memo. However, they cannot blindfold them all and neither will everyone trust their messages either.

That’s because in this day and age. They cannot control social media, the way things goes viral and the way to escape the planned news-cycles. As people can release, publish and even film on videos on their own. In such a way, that the state cannot contain or even get a full grasp of all things online. That is why they have to silence loudmouth critics and use computer misuse act and offensive communications as a tool to silence the ones who dares to speak with contempt.

In this manner, we know the double jeopardy, as the President himself is vulgar and has a vicious rhetoric. He isn’t a soft spoken angel of God, neither is his avenging son. However, the ones going after them is violated. While they are eating lavish lunches in the State House and elsewhere on the public’s dime. Therefore, it is unjustified to use these means against others. When you yourself does practically the same.

That’s why you know the Movement apologists has a terrible job. They have defend the use of bullets, massacres and extra judicial killings. They have to defend the rigged elections and the ballooned state, expensive government expenditure without growing domestic revenue. That’s what they have to do and on a daily basis. These folks has defend medical tourism, while blocking dissidents from getting fit-to-fly papers. That’s what they are up to and that’s the brave world of the NRM’s current Kampala.

It’s disgraceful and distasteful, but the mere reality of what they are willing to do. Noting is untouchable and all things can be corrupted. That’s what they believe in and they hope to catch others in their trap. This is the way they move and inevitably someone will fall for their tricks. However, the brutal reality will catch up on these men and ladies. The moment they fall-out with the unceremonious monarchy of Rwakitura farm.

At that time… the apologists will met the same fate, as the people asked to follow laws and regulations, as they are spared no after thought and goes through the painful adventure of the security agencies. They will taste the blood, the harm and be wounded like all the other people before them. Because, they knew this, but looked the other way. However, if they fall-out and becomes critical. They will meet the makers of their careers and it will not be much of habeas corpus for the courts or concern for the 48 hours before taken to court. As they are assessed in the same manner of which the former dissidents where.

These people could have known better, but they think they are supreme. Because, at this very moment … it might be wealth and fancy titles. Tomorrow might be devastation and utter impunity served their way. Peace.

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