Opinion: Tayebwa’s own fault-line

Chief Whip Thomas Tayebwa’s letter dated 10th February 2022 on the censure of Security Minister Jim Muhwezi is a failure and an epic blow of a defence of it’s own. We know that Tayebwa is using all means to defend the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and the majority party in Parliament.

First reason of the Chief Whip is that it’s politically motivated. Well, if things aren’t politically motivated in Parliament. I don’t know where else the Leader of Opposition Mathias Mpuuga should act politically. Secondly, the Chief Whip knows the reason and that’s because of how the state operates in concerns with the usage of torture. The LoP does this as answer towards the inaction and continues usage of it towards citizens, opposition and dissidents in general. When calling it politically motivated, it is degrading the urgency of the censure in the first place.

When he continues that the Government doesn’t have torture as a policy. We still doesn’t see any stoppage of the usage of it. Neither is there any actions towards the safe-houses and the security agencies, which is involved in the torturing of people. The government haven’t gone after the ones ordering or ensuring the act to happen. It is just downplaying and disregarding it, which he does in his letter to NRM MPs of the 11th Parliament.

In the last paragraph of the first page, he calls the censure a planned way to keep Muhwezi relevant in the media and a “blackmailing our government”. Which is very striking… The LoP is doing his job and what his supposed to do. His supposed to test, prove and challenge the government on what it does. His not a puppeteer only dancing to the songs of the NRM. However, that is the only thing Tayebwa knows and that’s evident.

On the beginning on the second page, Tayebwa says something very revealing and shows his sentiments: “As the NRM family in the House, an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us”. He is speaking with similar way as the President. This just shows the NRA Way and it’s evident. As the NRM should as a governing party be held accountable for their actions, but the Chief Whip cannot manage or muster the courage to do that.

Yes, I never believed in the censure of Muhwezi from Mpuuga, but not because the intention isn’t good, but because it is. However, Mpuuga will not win this and I don’t think that’s the way it will go out anyway. As Tayebwa and the NRM has no plans to listen or understand the grievances of the opposition. That’s because Tayebwa and his party takes this way to personal. When they are the ones who are torturing and doing injustice on the regular to civilians without any proper court judgment or even charging they are violating their rights. Therefore, Tayebwa is forgetting this piece of information and reality of which too many people have lived through.

Tayebwa should be better, but I think that’s to much to ask. His one of them and it’s very evident. He wants to die on a hill of impunity and injustice, instead of trying to be sincere. Because, he knows if these things was tested or investigated properly. It would be earth shattering and the extent of the usage of it would tarnish the whole party and government. They cannot muster the courage to be upright about themselves. This is why this is a personal attack on the party and the whole family.

They can claim and alleged torture is happening, but it’s been part of the Modus Operandi since they took power in January 1986. It has been a tool and a way of spreading fear in the population to be loyal to the cause and it’s President. Peace.

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