Opinion: Muhwezi will not fall but if he falls [it will be as soft as a feather]

The Leader of Opposition Mathias Mpuuga is now planing to censor the Minister of Security Jim Muhwezi. The idea itself is good and the intent is honest, but the reality is faulty from the on-set.

Yes, the opposition does the right thing to go after the Minister of Security in the concerns of the torture of civilians, activists and political dissidents in the republic. That is a righteous affair, but it will not change the fact or the system of which has since it’s inception done this.

To take down Muhwezi would be a victory, but it would be as short-sighted as taking down Henry Tumukunde or Kale Kayihura. Yes, you get rid of some leaders who has used their office for their benefit and straight up being loyal soldiers of the State House. Alas, it seems all good, but the next man will be as vicious as the last.

As long as the National Resistance Movement (NRM) are in power and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni reigns supreme. There will no difference in concern towards torture. Torturing his enemies and dissidents has been Modus Operandi. That’s why going for Muhwezi isn’t solving the issue. It is making one man take some responsibility. However, Tumukunde and Kayihura had to fall over the BodaBoda 2010, but they had no real costs of doing so.

Kayihura is walking around like a free man and Tumukunde hasn’t paid a price as well. Yes, Kayihura was charged but later dropped. Tumukunde did spend some time behind bars, but was later allowed back at the round table. Therefore, there ones who do fall… only does so temporarily and later be back in the good graces.

So, if Muhwezi was to take one for the team. It will only be symbolic and the costs will not be anything substantial.

What is also very profound and real about all of this… is that Muhwezi didn’t invent the system or the modus operandi. No, his just carrying on tradition and doing the bidding, which all his predecessors did. He is just continuing the same methods and security agencies are acting accordingly.

Muhwezi has inherited this one and just following protocol. His not an inventor, entrepreneur or a leader of men. No, his a token soldier of the NRM and a part of the kitchen cabinet. Yes, his useful as a figurehead and a proof that loyalty pays off. However, you don’t have him there out of brilliance or skills of governing. No, then you would have hired an able body who actually could do his job.

Mpuuga is doing the right thing, but it is useless, which is tragic. Not because the 11th Parliament and the Majority MPs will accept the censoring of Muhwezi. Well, its useless, because it doesn’t matter who is the Ministry of Security. That’s because of Lt. Muhoozi Kainerubaga and his father. They are really the heads and the ones running it… and they can do whatever they want. Especially, if someone offend anyone with a working brain-cell within the State House. Then the whole hell will break loose and the tricks of old will return on new flesh.

This shouldn’t shock anyone, but that is the case… Mpuuga could censor anyone with a pulse with the NRM and most likely Museveni would find a knob-head to takeover and the results would be the same. That’s why he has hand-picked fishermen and not people who are in their field or capable of running things.

It is for a reason, so that he can control it and they can catch a check. In the matter of security and the security agencies. If it is UPF, UPDF, ISO, CMI or SFC… you can change the leadership, but the results are most likely becoming the same. As the torturing will not stop and will only cease to buy peace. Just like the newest IGP Okoth Ochola suspended the institution of Nalufenya for a moment, but it returned to relevance later when the blow-back went away. Therefore, the ones believing a change…

Well… Museveni promised you “No Change” and that’s what his giving you on a daily basis. That is the sinister truth in this matter. The blood and suffering will continue. The handlers and big-men is calling it a “mistake” and downplaying the severity of it. That’s what they do and it’s deliberate …

Getting Muhwezi sacked will only give leverage to another NRA historical or trickster of Tumwine fashion. Who knows if Tumukunde could be revived to prominence again… but God knows that the pain and suffering isn’t over.

The torturing will continue as long as the big-men, as the men who decree and orders this isn’t touched. The ones who is in-charge has no price to pay. The only thing happening is musical chairs and the ones tortured is listening to the boring song yet again. They know the hook and the drum-solo. However, the pain and the plight is far from over…

Mpuuga is showing trust in the system and the institution of the Parliament. However, his not battling a system of laws or rule of law. He is fighting a warlord and a tyrant who plays different sort of game. If his trick would work… he would have to weaken the tyrant and he isn’t… only weakening one of his pawns and that one can easily be traded.

Muhwezi will just return. He can go into scandals after scandals. Jim can do whatever he likes and he will return to office. That is just how the things are moving and going after him is futile. Not because it isn’t the right thing, but because this is the system that Museveni has created around him.

That’s why we know Muhwezi will not make a difference and just be a tool of the system. He is inter-changeable, but also useful. Because, he will be loyalty unto death and that’s all Museveni seeks of his comrades. The others haven’t understood that and if you do… he will reward you and even if fail the government. He will offer you another part after it’s all water under the bridge.

The same would happen here and if he was to fall. Then some of the other NRA Historicals could return and with a vengeance… Peace.

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