Opinion: Minister Mukasa is talking about torture like it is an alleged activity of the state

Torture is not a policy of government nor is it even a method of interrogation. The law on this is very clear. The President has in his own words stated the position and policy of government” – Minister Mukasa (08.02.2022).

Wilsom Muruli Mukasa, the Minister of Justice amd Constitutional Affairs dropped a statement on torture in the Republic. The Minister is just proving how ridiculous and tedious it is to challenge this in the 11th Parliament. As the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and the Security Agencies will not looking into the Modus Operandi of the ISO, CMI, SFC, LDUs, UPF or UPDF. Therefore, we know the statement delivered and spoken about by the minister is initially pointless.

What is released in the government statement is nonsense. It is like the pictures, the witness stories and even the court cases are alleged affairs. We are just to believe the high ranking officials and call it a day. That is just over the top stupid and the hardliners of the state should look into themselves. Because, this is getting really dumb and the dumber it becomes… the more foolish is the defences of the state.

All the persons in the custody of the government agencies can and will be accounted for in accordance with the law” (Mukasa, 08.02.2022).

Sometimes I wonder, if these high ranking officials and defenders of the state lives in the same country as the rest of them. If they are just living in such lavish mansions and away from the grim reality for the common folk. That they cannot see, touch or even comprehend what is happening around them.

This is not the first time a high ranking official does this and it is not like the state has a clean slate. The state has a long record of human rights violations and torture is just one of them. Yes, the state has laws, which makes it illegal, but that doesn’t stop it from doing it. Neither does it stop it from having “safe-houses” or the usage of torture as technique to intimidate or strike fear into the population. Because, that is what it has done and its deliberate.

A statement like today… is just making it sound like there is a rule of law. When we know there is one law for the anointed ones and another means to an end towards the dissidents. The state can retaliate and use all force to silence or even mute the ones who are in its way. That’s why extra judicial killings been happening and torturing civilians continuously as well. Therefore, the pointlessness … is just staggering.

The ones believing this are naive. What Mukasa should have said was to open up real investigations and allowing the committee to check all alleged “safe-houses” and detention centres of state. As they should be allowed to see and look into it. That is the reality of this here, because he says the rights things, but that doesn’t make it true…

We know better and seen the victims. We have read the court documents and seen the settlement cases of the state. Which shows the amount of people tortured. In some cases a few thousands who has complained about it to the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC), but that is just the top of the ice-berg and who knows how many the state has actually tortured over years.

We only know about the few who has been witnessed and the ones catching the headlines. However, we know there is more and that there are people who are silent after the acts of violence towards them. Peace.

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