Eswatini: Where the King fears a Student Leader

The absolute monarch and with all power shouldn’t fear a civilian. Neither should that King strike hard on any voice calling for his downfall. Since, he has the army and the appointees all bending knees to him. There is nothing in Eswatini, which isn’t under influence or control of the King.

Except for the movements, parties and civilian organization working for democratic representation, which the King is against. That’s why he has used fatal force and the state monopoly of violence against them. This to silence the ones who is defiant against him. The King is taking this personally and that’s why he even strikes down towards a student leader.

Just read this report:

MBABANE: King Mswati has jailed Colani Maseko, an influential students leader who called for his removal from the Throne” (…) “Maseko, a student at the Nazarene University in Manzini about forty(40) kilometers from the capital city, Mbabane urged the King in his various public address, to surrender power. ”We want remind Mswati that under a democratic government, the Monarchy will not exist”, said the Students Union leader” (Zweli Martin Dlamini – ‘Eswatini dictator jails students leader who called for his removal from the Throne’ 02.02.2022, Swaziland News).

The King should be a bigger man, but his a vengeful man. A man of revenge and retaliation. That’s why his government has gone after students and activists. This is why his government has said the ones doing industrial action or protest could face trouble later. As the state would sanction them and go after their reputation for life, as the school protests caused a public stir last year.

Therefore, the King going after a Student Leader who wants his downfall. Only shows the reason for why the public sentiment is the way it is. The King could have been a symbol and a leader of which enacted laws for democratic representation. While still being King, but more as a symbol and a guiding star of a state. However, he instead prefers the despotic manner and total control of the state.

This is why the Student leader doesn’t believe in a King and a Democracy, as he has only seen the tyrant king and not a beloved monarch who servers the state as an equal and as a person who represents the ideals of the Kingdom. Alas, it makes sense for a student leader to ask for fall of a man like that. Because, another type of king would have been respected and honoured, as the king would have listened and understood the sentiment.

However, King Mswati is willing to kill own citizens for a ritual. Therefore, his not the sort of man who respects people’s free will or rights as citizens. He don’t care as long as he is carrying the crown and sits as the absolute monarch on the throne. That’s all that matters to him and these sorts of arrests only justifies the call for a righteous leader as head of state, and not him. Peace.

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