Guinea-Bissau: Embaló has survived a coup attempt

Local media reporting a barricade around the government palace has been setup by the military and are preventing locals from getting to the building. Government announcement: President Umaro Sissoco Embaló “I’m fine, the situation has been mastered” confirmed a coup had been attempted as well as “There have been many deaths but I’m fine” confirming that there had been multiple fatalities” (Outback Piano, 01.02.2022).

We should be worried, as this is an escalation in Guinea-Bissau, a Republic, which a President are easily in trouble and have a hard time to finish their elected term. The same might easily happen to President Embaló.

Other reports states:

A security source with contacts inside the Government Palace said an unknown number of people were hit by gunfire. A second source said two people had died, but their identities were unclear. Sissoco Embalo had begun chairing an extraordinary cabinet meeting around 10 a.m., entering the building with a large security device, a diplomatic source said” (Rufin Wakilongo – ‘Guinea-Bissau: Gunshots around government palace, ECOWAS condemns ‘coup attempt’’ 01.02.2022).

As things are progressing and things will leak out. The ones behind the coup d’etat isn’t clear yet. That is uncertain and maybe the President is trying to clear the ranks as well. We cannot know that at this very moment.

What is clear that this news hit today, as the coup attempt happened, which seems that someone trusted the fragile moment and that the real protector of the President would be gone wit hthe General dying in Cuba.

Another interesting reporting is this:

The boss of the Bissau-Guinean army died yesterday Monday, January 31. “The Emballo Palace Totem died on the island of Cuba where he was hospitalized the day before the coup attempt,” said a source quoted by seneweb. General Biagué Na Ntan, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (Cemga) “has always thwarted insurrections often led by his Balante relatives”. In reality, we continue, he “protected President Emballo by using his influence among the Balantes”” ( – ‘Guinea Bissau: Death announced of the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces’ 01.02.2022).

Time will tell, but Guinea-Bissau has been hit with plenty of coup d’etat’s and this isn’t new. What is clear that the President and his Cabinet needs to fix their security and safety. If not the same that happened to the President in Burkina Faso, might happened to him. As he was able to survive one coup attempt, but on the second try. The coup makers was able to circumvent and overthrow the current leadership.

The President shouldn’t take it easy, but know his living on borrowed time in office. As there are people obviously plotting for his downfall. He needs to address this and finds solutions ahead. If not… he will sooner or later fall to another cunning colonel or lieutenant general with some aspiration of presidency. Peace.

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