Opinion: The UDPS where Fatshi is king and everyone else can fall-out like Kabund

The fall of Jean-Marc Kabund is resounding, it is absolute and devastating. It is a long time since I have seen such mockery and disgraceful fall someone within it’s own party. As everyone and anybody with a role or place has dismissed and praise the President. While at the same time calling Kabund all names and ridiculed him.

If that can happen to a man of stature and prominence within the ruling party, Union pour la démocratie et le progrès social (UDPS) and the alliance of Union Sacrée. What can happen to anyone else who falls out of favour?

However, it shouldn’t be shocking either. We saw Fatshi and the state served fellow ally and CACH party leader Vital Kamerhe (Union for the Congolese Nation – UNC) who helped the President and the UDPS into power with their power-broking and deal making with Kabila’s (Front Commune pour le Congo – FCC).

Therefore, with the knowledge of how Fatshi is playing these political games. He shows that he has no mercy or plans of redeeming anyone in his midst. No, Fatshi will bury anyone and use the office as his saving grace. UDPS will use all tools and everyone will show loyalty to the President. That is the message, which is spread across the Republic and in the diaspora. As anyone or everyone with a pulse within the party have pledged their loyalty to Fatshi by all means.

Kabund has fallen to the self-belief that his role in the party and his achievements would matter. As long as his in the shadow of Fatshi and his merry men. What he has done or even contributed will not matter. If that would have mattered, the UDPS and the state wouldn’t have targeted Kamerhe like it did. Since well, Kamerhe was one of the reason Fatshi was able to become the Head of State.

Fatshi might never say that or give the honours, but he knows perfectly well that he needed the alliance and the conning dealer of Kamerhe to get ahead. Fatshi isn’t that smart or brilliant that he does it on its own.

I cannot believe that Fatshi is that smart. When he buries someone alive like he has done to Kabund and got Kamerhe sentenced to 20 years in jail. This is his allies and his supposed political affiliates. This is not his enemies or the ones who wishes him death. No, these are the comrades and partners in crime. Therefore, when he does this to his friend and allies. What will Fatshi do to anyone who is a real enemy?

That should worry anyone, as Fatshi is preparing for a second term. This shows his way of moving and getting ahead. The way Fatshi is politicking isn’t for the weak-hearted, as the man can easily destroy you and all your future dreams as well.

It is clear the UDPS is only Fatshi domain now and anyone differing from him is out of bound. There is only one line and nothing else. Fatshi is the king and anyone else is supposed to bow their knees to his majesty. That is the clear indication of what happened to Kabund. The warning should have been how Kamerhe was treated and taken out of office.

Now that everyone should realize that anyone can be left behind and dismissed from the party. When titans and vocal voices like Kabund can be so quickly thrown into the mud. There is enough proof of how toxic and quickly you can go from hero to zero. In the UDPS it is either Fatshi’s way or nothing. Peace.

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