Ethiopia: A new TDF offensive into the Afar region!

As the Tigray Defence Force (TDF) did a tactical retreat in December 2021. Now, it is reported that the TDF has started to attack and invade several of districts within the Afar Region. Where the ARed Sea Afar Forces, Afar Regional Special Forces and Eritrean Defence Forces are defending the region. That is very clear, as well as Afar People’s Force (APF) are countering the TDF.

The TDF is reported to have gotten as far as Abaala, as the TDF targeted the districts of Magale, Abaala, Dalol and Barahle. There was also reports that the TDF tried to advance in Erebti located north of Teru, but they were defeated north of Magale. The latest front the TDF has created is around Konnaba, at a place called Mayrami.

There unconfirmed reports that the spiralling conflict in Afar Region have created 250,000 Internally Displaced People’s (IDPs). However, that is not yet verified or proven. Nevertheless, with the advance of TDF into Afar region. There should be expected ramifications of this warfare. Just like the conflict has lingering effects in other regions as well.

The TDF is clearly doing this, as they know the Federal Government of Ethiopia has no interests in negotiating or creating lasting peace. As the Generals and High Ranking Officials been stating the will to annihilate and pursuit the final end of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Therefore, the conflict was just ceasing for a moment and sooner or later, the ENDF would strike.

Nevertheless, the TDF has now advanced and has a new offensive. If they are trying to get to Mille or any other strategic town is unknown. What is obvious… is that the war isn’t over and the Tripartite Alliance isn’t over either. As the EDF, RSAF, APF and ARSF are fighting against the invasion. Peace.

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