Eswatini: PM Dlamini should resign, if he values the Constitution

As the Prime Minister Cleopas Sipho Dlamini was appointed by King Mswati III in July 2021, as he was a Senator and not from the House of Representatives. Therefore, by a technicality … he shouldn’t be in office or have accepted the office of which the King deemed him fit for. As it is in breach of the constitution. The PM and the political leader on the merits of the King wasn’t designated from the right part of the national assembly.

As reported in Swaziland News:

Section 67(1) of the Constitution suggests that the King shall appoint the Prime Minister from members of the House. However, Mswati violated the Constitution and went on to appoint Dlamini from Senate. “The King shall appoint the Prime Minister from among members of the House acting on recommendation of the King’s Advisory Council”, reads the Constitution in part. But the PM, when addressing journalists on Friday urged pro-democracy activists to follow the Constitution when advocating for change. “We have the Constitution in this country, whatever we do, we must be guided by it”, said the Prime Minister” (Zweli Martin Dlamini – ‘Eswatini unconstitutionally appointed Prime Minister tells pro-democracy activists to follow the Constitution’ 22.01.2022, Swaziland News).

When his telling pro-democracy activists to follow the laws and the constitution. He should be careful with all of his actions and moves. As the King can easily target him and go after him. Just like the PM and the state has targeted the MPs who has fought for a representative democracy in the Kingdom.

The king has viciously and demonstratively used force against people. Where he has taken action and killed people to prove a point. The man in the highest office and absolute monarch can decide everything. He can elect, select and appoint anyone. The PM is just living on borrowed time in office. If he is becoming hostile or starts to question the King. The PM will be disgracefully discharged and be punished accordingly too. As his just another subject.

That’s what the PM should worry about. The Pro-Democracy Activists has nothing to loose. Not look the Representatives or the appointed government officials represents them. No, they represent the needs of the King and his Court. That is the mere reality here ….

Therefore, if the PM is principal about the Constitution, which he wants others to follow. He should be an example and publicly resign from his post. The PM wasn’t appointed properly and he should negate the problematic appointment of himself. If other people should follow the constitution, the PM should do accordingly as well.

Not that I anticipate anything from the PM. He only said this to act righteous and be morally superior. However, his just another useful fools of the King and he just don’t see it himself. The moment he hits a nerve or bares to insult the King. Expect the whole career and all achievements to be put into the storm-drain. That is the mere reality and the PM clearly cannot see that. Peace.

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