Opinion: Does Bong Bong Marcos even have a spine?

When all the other invited Presidential Aspirants went for the interview with GMA’s Jessica Soho. You would think the Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos Junior would show up and have an appearance. However, he declined and claimed the journalist would be biased against him. That’s a weakling and lack of attitude from a Presidential Contender.

If he is afraid of a few questions and possible narrative against him. Why doesn’t he stand tall and contest the assumptions? Or doesn’t he have any rebuttal or ability to further the conversation? Any great leader of men are able to digress the conversation or even turn the questions on its head. If not “plead the fifth” and move on for that matter.

As a Presidential Candidate he is in his right to decline to show-up, but it isn’t a sign of strength or ability to defend his stances or his family history. The son of the late dictator seems like he only wants wants friendly media and ass-kissers, bootlickers and lackey’s to spread his message to the public. Since, he cannot even stomach an interivew with GMA’s Soho.

What will be the next excuse or reason to back off from an interview or participate in a televised debate? Because, if his worried about this… what little back-bone does the man have? Can’t he carry the legacy and his name? Is he worried about his entitled wealth and how people might perceive that?

If BBM wants to be a serious contender and an aspirant. He has to use all platforms and address himself to the public. He cannot hide behind Inday Sara or behind his team’s Press Releases. No, that’s not good enough. Especially, when the man is supposed to lead and be the man over the proud Filipino nation. Clearly, his not up to it, since his afraid of an interview with a few hard-hitting questions.

Bong Bong Marcos just wants the tabloid and easy-living, no hurdles and no touchy-touchy interviews, which doesn’t go to the core of a subject or dives into the past. That is very obvious… and it’s tragic-comical at this stage. He should be fuming and show finesse, instead his backing out like a coward.

How can this man be the front-man and be the astute leader, when he cannot even take a few questions from a GMA journalist? Does he only need friendly press from Manilla to show up and take smug pictures of him? He only wants the click-bait, home-based, you-are-famous therefore we acknowledge your existence pieces? Is that the only thing he can do?

If so, why even bother to be on the ticket and run as a Presidential Candidate? When you cannot muster the courage and be bold at a setting, which you as a man cannot control. You should be brave enough and have it in you to be pushed outside your comfort-zone and show his character to the whole nation. However, that is too much to ask and he only wants it his way. As head of state and a leader of men. I can promise you… he will not have it his way or get it all like he wants it.

Therefore, he should be prepared for moments, times and media, which will not represent him in a manner, which he prefers. Nevertheless, the man should carry himself wisely and show his ability to overcome that. People would respect that more…

So, when he declines and uses excuses to not attend an interview. The loser is him and his campaign. His looking like the fool and weakling…. Who wants to vote for that? Only his cult following and not the undecided. Peace.

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