Sudan: The Unified Office of Physicians – Statement on the events in North Darfur (21.01.2022)

In continuation of the state of chaos sweeping the Darfur region these days, an unfortunate accident occurred two days ago, west of El Fasher, North Darfur, which resulted in six deaths and a number of firearm injuries.

The disruption of the security contract in the states of Darfur has become a matter, it is worrying for all Sudanese as long as the well-being of the homeland is part of the well-being of every part of it, and this disengagement is undoubtedly fabricated by the coup forces – in their various forms – which are by their nature unqualified and unable to provide security on the outskirts of the city and lack the necessary legal and patriotic will, and the security liquidity that occurs is only happen about these forces are intended for the purposes they serve.

More than two hundred deaths as a result of live bullets in the Darfur region have been confirmed in the reports of the Central Committee of Doctors of Sudan since the beginning of last October, and there are more that have not been monitored for one reason or another.

The free killing I’ve been working on in the stricken province since 2003 it is still continuing, on the grounds that the one who creates problems, the one who provides the arms, and the one who seduces is still present at the head of the state and passes his agenda without accountability or oversight.

The armed struggle movements that signed on to peace and hoped to play a pivotal role in stopping these absurd wars are also the ones whose leaders put their hands in the hands of the killers, and they became killers like them, issue free death targeting the displaced, farmers and shepherds. The governor of the region also records a complete absence from contributing to stopping the cycle of systematic violence there, and he is entrusted with playing a positive role at this juncture, but the matter has been entrusted to non-people.

We affirm that there is no way out of this spiral except by working hard towards defeating the coup and building a civil state so that the people’s weapon is not used to kill the sons of the country. People of the same region.

We also call on honorable lawyers and jurists to carry out a fair and transparent investigation that brings victims their rights and serves as a sermon to every criminal who thinks that he is above the law.

» Central Sudan Doctors Committee

» Sudan Legitimate Doctors Syndicate

» Committee of Consultants and Specialists

January 21 2022

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