Organized confusion: The battle for MDC-T [Mwonzora vs. Khupe]

Thokozani Khupe and Douglas Mwonzora has this decided to compete over nothing on their own. They competing over the fictitious control over Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC-Alliance), which Mwonzora earlier in the month claimed he was the boss over. While later in the same month suspend Khupe from Movement for Democratic Change – Tsvangirai (MDC-T). However, this sorts of political assassins isn’t anything new in the Republic.

As Mwonzora as the leader of the MDC-T did directly re-call and take away representatives from the MDC-Alliance in Parliament and Local Government claiming he was their dutiful leader. While containing the leadership of the MDC-T. Now, he tried to do the same trick internally and Khupe is aiming back.

Mwonzora and Khupe has been working on overtime to assault and take control of the MDC-Alliance. Every little piece of it and misusing their influence within POLAD and with the hired goons association with the crocodile. They feel supreme and above everyone else… and nothing is supposed to backfire.

However, Khupe is playing the game of Mwonzora now. She is returning a favour, after she lost internally the leadership battle of MDC-T. Now, she wants to use a technicality to takeover and ensure Mwonzora’s own demise. As he confidently called himself the MDC-Alliance leader in registration to the ZEC. While later deeming her unfit in the MDC-T. That’s why this is funny striking, as they are playing games with themselves…

While, everyone on the sideline knows that the real MDC-Alliance is Nelson Chamisa and their whole brigade of people. Not, the random blokes and fellowship of untrusty mercenaries, which resides in and around Mwonzora. It is not like Khupe is trustworthy either, she is a crusty individual herself and she thought her games was solid. Until, Douglas outsmarted her…

Now, she is aiming for revenge and whatever happens now… it will only damage both of them and they are just undressing themselves in-front of the general public. No matter what result or what outcome. Both of them are losers and proving why they had no official backing from the public to begin with.

What is funny here is that none of them will eventually win. Either of them get crowned the prince or princess of MDC-T, but they cannot be MDC-Alliance. Which we knew from the outset, as the rigged games are exposed by internal infighting. As Khupe stated: “she has never been MDC-Alliance”, which Mwonzora claims to run and reside in their HQ. That’s the sort of fella he is and what levels of foolishness that runs through his veins.

Mwonzora been lucky to this point. That his gambit and his schemes has given him some fruits for his labour. However, the gig is soon up and the chickens are coming home to roost. There will be no joys or rejoicing parade. Only abysmal reality check, which is that they both have been used and will not succeed. Since, no one will believe either of them and their true character has been showed for the whole world to see.

These aren’t trustworthy leaders of men, no these are back-stabbing son-of-a-bitches, who would sell their soul for a little advantage and a hope for a little life of luxury. However, that whole game play will only take you that far…

and sooner or later… the crocodile won’t neither them either and will ditch them in a no mans land. Peace.

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