Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Statement (19.01.2022)

Our people wrote another epic of their valiant steadfastness in the face of the October 25 coup, through civil disobedience to which large sectors of our people quickly collapsed in response to the January 17 massacre, and an affirmation that our people have a lot of experience of peaceful resistance action, dnd that we will not retreat without achieving his goals of freedom, peace and justice.

Civil disobedience enjoyed wide participation from all sectors of our people, as the resistance committees confronted their role as a vanguard in confronting tyranny by calling for disobedience and Tatars, and 60 and more professional entities announced their involvement in the strike amidst the wide participation of the health and education sectors, bankers, pharmacists, the justice sector, and accountants, in addition to the engineering sector, the medical sector witnessed the withdrawal of medical cadres from hospitals affiliated with the regular forces, and an appreciable interaction in the public and private sectors and the invitation launched by the Employers Union, this disobedience and strike is the first rain that appeared as a drop that will be followed by other drops, and in this context, the Forces of Freedom and Change renewed the call for the resistance committees and professional entities to sit in the coming days to tighten coordination among them and prepare for the decisive battle in which our people regain their freedom and dignity.

We in the forces of freedom and change affirm that we will continue, with our people, the path of peaceful mass resistance, and we call on all the sons and daughters of our people in the capital and the states to commemorate the martyrs through “Martyr’s Friday” the day after tomorrow, January 21, to be a day to commemorate their memory through processions going from mosques after Friday prayers.

And that the processions near the homes of the martyrs head to their homes, in commemoration of the martyrs and a demonstration of the solidarity of our people with their families and its adherence to continuing the path of what they were martyred for and its demand for comprehensive justice and equity for them and their families.

We also support the call of the Khartoum East committees for a million martyrs tomorrow, Thursday, and we tell them that you will not walk alone, for the battle of freedom is all our business and we will not lag behind any of its fronts.

Executive Office of the Forces of Freedom and Change

January 19, 2022 AD

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