Opinion: The whole machinery is behind Odinga [and he intends to continue where Kenyatta left-off]

After this weekend and how things are reflecting these days… the state and everyone in power seems to be directly for Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga. That is very evident now, as Deputy President William Ruto is getting the treatment that the CORD or NASA Co-Principals went through in the previous campaigns. That’s why his latest rally in Nairobi was tear-gassed, while Odinga could hold a rally without any interruptions.

Odinga is not only shielded and not getting the violent interruptions from the state agencies. He is today vouched for by over 30 governors. The ODM leader is now saying he will follow suit of Kenyatta and his legacy. This means his really just a continuation and an another part of the political elite. While promising pledges, which we know he will not keep.

If you believe these words are in defence or I am supporting Ruto. I hate to shatter all glass and say at this point I am not for either candidates. Odinga is just a washed-up elitist politician now. Who is running for himself and hopefully last time. As he has been a Presidential Contender for so long and now his not direct opposition, but the one who has the state behind him. That’s why his not feeling the blunt force or violence at his rallies.

Odinga is now going the Jubilee route and his enjoying it. He is gathering strength and support from all corners. That’s because his ushered in and everyone knows that he will not challenge the status quo. Unless, he will make it even better for the elite and their lifestyles. He will not bring in proper reform or revitalize the state. Not at this point no… the BBI showed the true reality and that’s what sort of man he is now.

I cannot see him being a vocal or a reformer now. That train has sailed, as he wants to continue the Kenyatta era. Therefore, his sort of stint will only ensure the elites more juice and selling empty promises to the naive. The state will be behind him and ensure he arrives safely.

Odinga will now enter office with no hurdle, as his been loyal and followed a peaceful vibe with Kenyatta for the last term. That is very clear, as Odinga will takeover a debt-ridden, overzealous patronage of a state and try to build within that. Well, I don’t see that coming easily. As he will finally enjoy the spoils of which he has waited for years.

He will only manufacture an ideal and promises, but not deliver anything substantial. Just like the Jubilee promised computers and fancy stadiums. The Jubilee promised a massive overhaul of the railways, but dropped a dumbfounded and expensive alteration creating the SGR Railway. While also adding debts with Eurobonds and whatnot… plus the additional amounts of scandals, which shows how the state has been a feeding frenzy for the appointees of the President.

Odinga, if he wants to follow him. Don’t expect greatness, but more humbling experiences… and lacking development, which will only become the expense of the future generations. As the next generation will repay the debt for the mediocre and average sucking government delivery. Peace.

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