Opinion: Mwonzora is whatever the Crocodile needs him to be

The Movement for Democratic Change – Tsvangirai (MDC-T) leader Douglas Mwonzora will be whatever President Emmerson Mnangagwa needs him to be. If the Crocodile needs him to be a patriot or an anarchist. The opposition leader will jump ship and become one or the other.

Mwonzora has no scruples or no heart. His a mercenary to destroy to Movement for Democratic Change and the whole Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC-Alliance). That’s why his one moment saying the MDC-T is the only one. While later saying the MDC-Alliance is non-existent entity and can recall MDC-A elected officials. Now months later… he claims his the only MDC-Alliance and was never only MDC-T. That’s the sort of foggy fake chauvinist he is and he enjoys it too.

He uses the State House and his association with the state to further his own cause. If that is to hijack the funds for the MDC-Alliance. Takeover the headquarters in Harare or anything else. That’s why he recalled the MPs of MDC-Alliance and he councillors too. Just to prove a point and make a fool of himself later. Because, he could with the orders and the powers which the Crocodile has invested in him.

Mnangagwa has a mercenary and a willing token soldier to fight his battles. To directly enforce and use his office to damage the MDC-Alliance. That is what his doing and Mwonzora don’t mind being the toy for the head of state to play with.

If Mnangagwa needs him to be a transwoman, I am sure he will show-up in a dress and be fashionable late to a party after ending of talks at the up-coming POLAD conference. Because, Mwonzora does whatever Mnangagwa needs. I am just awaiting reports of blowjobs or whatnot, as he has no issues and can say whatever to fit the bill.

First MDC-Alliance is a viable entity. Later MDC-Alliance doesn’t exists and now your running the MDC-Alliance. While you have used the MDC-T logos and paperwork all along. You know that your MDC-T and misusing Tsvangirai’s legacy to be a hit-man for ZANU-PF.

That is who Mwonzora is and it’s disgraceful. He is there to destroy a party and their chances, because the ZANU-PF has nothing to offer and can only rig themselves into power. To have Mwonzora and allies to break the back of the opposition. It is just what the PFee needs and it’s evident.

Mwonzora is a tragic figure and his demise will be horrific. Because, the moment the crocodile don’t need him. He will be begging for money and he needs by that time to prostitute himself to other suits to get money to get by. Since, nobody can trust this man and his intolerable. He is willing to destroy his whole legacy and the legacy of the founder of his party. Just to get a few brownie-points and small benefits of which will not last forever.

This is short-sighted and it will not end well. Peace.

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