Lesotho: Not a safe place for lawyers…

A prominent lawyer, Advocate Kabelo Letuka, is in hiding fearing the police will torture him like they allegedly did last night to his colleague, Advocate Napo Mafaesa, who has been admitted to a hospital. Mafaesa was arrested after his client who was also arrested & tortured by police said he has left his unlicensed gun with Mafaesa. Mafaesa is admitted in Hospital for grievous bodily harm” (Lesotho The Post, 12.01.2022).

The Kingdom of Lesotho is now going after Advocate Napo Mafaesa has been tortured and arrested by the authorities. We know it is severe when another colleague Adv. Kabelo Letuka is in hiding. This mean this practice isn’t against one man or his cause. No, this is most likely systemic, as another fears for his life as well.

Both lawyers have faced legal jeopardy before and had cases of severity against them. Still, nothing has hit the wall. Therefore, the state is clearly aiming at them. That’s is evident, as both lawyers have been held in contempt and been charged for strangulation and murder in the past. So, it is not like the state haven’t tried to take these two down plus additional lawyers too.

For some reason the state is going after them. This is really tragic and a worrying signs, as lawyers and attorney’s are the ones who defend people in court. They are retained and do their work to help their clients. Therefore, going after them… is showing the bad side of Lesotho right now. Peace.

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