Ethiopia: Eskinder Nega calls for a continued war in Tigray

In the first press conference since his release from prison. Party Leader of Balderas Eskinder Nega has called for total extermination of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and continue the warfare in Tigray region.

He has dismissed the forced stopping of advances of the Tripartite Alliance in Tigray region. As well, as the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) not moving forward from Alamata. Therefore, the Balderas party head is closer aligned with NaMA, than others within the political sphere.

We know the ENDF have continued to use drones in the Tigray region, as they have not moved troops or mechanical units further into the region. In Western Tigray the Amhara Para-Military Group “Fano” has continued it’s rampage and campaigns with Eritrean Defence Forces (EDF). These has not slowed down. Therefore, the Balderas party leader is calling for extermination of the TPLF and total war in Tigray. That’s his mission and this is why his displeased with the recent actions, which ironically lead to his release from prison as well.

It is clear that Nega is aligned with NaMA and Ezema at this point. They are ready and want to fiercely get rid of their mortal enemy. These parties doesn’t want the war to end and real talks to happen. They are already mentally ready to annihilate and use all force to silence them. That’s the sort of drive they have and it’s very obvious.

Eskinder Nega have been a political prisoner, but shows that Balderas could just have been a distant cousin of NaMA or former Amhara Democratic Party (ADP). Nega wants war and this is his cry for it. As he haven’t seen it or been part of it. He has been behind bars and have only heard reports, if even that.

It shows that his a warmonger and a possible war-lord himself. As he calls to quit the ceasefire and stopping of direct combat between the Tigray Defence Force and the ENDF. He wants total war and a final end of the TPLF leadership as well. That’s his mission and his truth.

It shows that it isn’t only a sentiment in the fascists of Amhara, but also elsewhere where the hatred and the mentality to destroy is alive. As the Balderas and Nega wants it too. He wants more bloodshed, more suffering and continue the plights of the Tigrayan people. Instead of trying to find common means to an end. He wants to wage war and end his enemies.

That the sort of leader Nega is and it shows. Balderas and NaMA should just forge an politicial union. They have the same ideals and it’s evident by now. It’s disgraceful that this is the first message Eskinder Nega delivers to the public. However, it just shows his heart or lack of thereof, as his only interested at furthering his own gains by the possible sacrifices of others. Peace.

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