Zimbabwe: Mwonzora wants to block the MDC-Alliance on a “technicality”

It is now evident that Douglas Mwonzora, the Movement for Democratic Change – Tsvangirai (MDC-T) has written to Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) wanting to block any other entity or party using the MDC name in the up-coming elections for Local Government or in Parliament. This is practically blocking and dislodging their capacity to field candidates or participate in polls.

What Mwonzora and the MDC-T does with this is indirectly suspending and making the MDC-Alliance illegal. They have already taken the headquarters, members of parliament and also other positions in the Republic. The MDC-T is now taking up the ante and showing force ahead of elections.

Instead of being a viable opposition and being a serious party. It is blocking it’s competition and real challenger. Since, the MDC-T cannot even gain the attention or the publicity without piling pressure on Nelson Chamisa or the MDC-Alliance.

I am pretty sure the name-sake and the founding father of MDC, Morgan Tsvangirai would have gone after Mwonzora, as he has sold his party and soul to the 2nd Republic. Douglas is the stooge and the petty spiteful politician who needs to evolve his briefcase party to relevance. The only way he has ability to do so. Is to hurt the MDC-Alliance while distort and destroy the legacy of the party. That’s really a sad story, but one we see now happening in front of our eyes.

The MDC-T is still useful to the Crocodile, because he serves a purpose of taking away the ability and capabilities of the MDC-Alliance to run as a contender. That has not only been done by the evictions and the re-call of MPs. No, this is done by any sort of bureaucratic means the MDC-T can use, which the latest move proves.

Mwonzora is a pawn and he has soon outplayed his services. At the moment he has destroyed the MDC and all of it’s entities. He can linger on his borrowed time and play along with this role. However, the man and the myth, the supposed legend of MDC-T will never be loved or cared about in the same sentiment as Chamisa.

It is also a disgrace that he uses Tsvangirai’s name in the party name and as an entity. Douglas would be blasted and bastardized beyond recognition by Morgan, if he was living today. Mwonzora would have been long gone and been expelled. Since, his in the inner-circle and could just be a fraction of the ZANU-PF at this point.

Mwonzora is a lackey and is the bitch of the President. It is sad, but those silver coins will maybe feed him now. However, he should just prepare for the moment his useless. He will be dropped and be easily on a flight into exile. Since, his not beloved or having a viable platform. His only there to destroy the enemy and the real opposition to the President and his New Dispensation. Peace.

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