Sudan: The Unified Office of Sudanese Doctors – Statement (31.12.2021)

On the day of 30/12/21, Sudan’s Military Junta Forces committed serious acts of unwarranted violence against peaceful civilians.

The Military Junta imposed a communications blackout, restricting access to the internet, telecommunications and main roads. This enabled security forces to act with violence, unimpeded, and commit atrocities against unarmed civilians. The recorded use of live ammunition, direct shots of tear gas and other weapons to inflict blunt force trauma have been observed. At the time of writing, 6 civilians have been killed, and over 150 injured on this day alone.

It has been reported that General Abdul Fattah Al-Burhan issued an emergency decree granting security forces full immunity and the power to indiscriminately arrest and detain. As a result of this decree, major incidents have been observed violating Article 8(e)(i) of the Geneva Convention of 1948. (Intentionally directing attacks against the civilian population as such or against individual civilians not taking direct part in hostilities). The incidents in question will be designated I, II, III and IV and elaborated upon below.

Incident I involved security forces intercepting an ambulance carrying a protester wounded by live ammunition from Al-Arbaeen hospital to Omdurman Hospital. Witnesses report that armed forces hijacked the ambulance and arrested those inside, including the ambulance staff and wounded man.

Incident II involved forced entry into Accident and Emergency departments of two separate hospitals, and the use of tear gas to disperse civilians and hospital staff inside. Reports show that 4 protesters were arrested this way in the East Nile Region.

Incident III involved the use of violence at the Al-Arabiya news outlet offices, in which sound bombs were launched inside, targeting working journalists. During this incident, one member of the crew was injured in the stomach by a close-range explosive.

Incident IV occurred when a funeral procession was disrupted in Omdurman by security forces using tear gas to disperse and incapacitate mourners. This attack interrupted the bereaved for no clear aim, violating the deceased’s dignity after death.

We call for the immediate cessation of violence and hostility towards civilians. Moreover, every action possible must be taken to bring those responsible to justice.

Statement by:

-Sudan’s Doctors for Human Rights.

-Unified Doctors Office

31 December 2021 AD

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