Opinion: Baba’s fantasy on corruption…

I was a governance expert to the late President John Pombe Magufuli. He often called me seeking expert opinion on how he could seal corruption loopholes in his country and he managed it. We will employ the same strategy to tame corruption and ensure more funds are allocated for our people, do not be deceived that there’s no money in the government. I was the Prime Minister for six years and I know where there are loopholes of corruption. When we form the next government, we will seal all those loopholes and use the money to fund projects” – Raila Odinga (Ian Byron – ‘Raila Odinga: I will seal all corruption loopholes’ 27.12.2021, Daily Nation).

The Orange Democratic Movement leader and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is coming with more empty promises ahead the elections in 2022. In the elections where it seems like his the successor or heir of President Uhuru Kenyatta, which his been allied with through this term, as they both have benefited from the handshake in 2018.

I have a hard time believing the man that helped the Jubilee and Kenyatta, who has resided over a government running grand corruption scandals and misusing public funds. Suddenly will make swift changes and revolutionize government procedures, protocols and block loopholes, which the corrupt elites uses to benefit from the state coffers. Therefore, this is selling another Canaan and another dream…. which will never appear. It is a mirage in the desert as a person hope’s to find greener pastures and possibly water….

Nevertheless, the stooges and the ones associated with Odinga will believe this. The ones who follows Baba is aligned with his campaign. They will sell this every other promise he comes forward with. These people will say it’s possible and is legit. However, do they think people are stupid?

That an second generation, wealthy politician and very connected elite person will fight against the others in his tax-bracket? Really? If it would have happened, it would have been sincere when Odinga was less fortunate and didn’t have all of the estates he does have. His part of the political elite and been eating too. He wants his cuts and his pieces of the pie. Not just the office and the prestige. That’s why he has risked everything on the BBI process, which was a failure from the get-go.

Baba can promise the heavens and salvation. He can promise that he will make water into wine. The naive will buy these pledges… because it sounds legit and Odinga knows how to wording himself. His a smart politician that way and he thinks the ducks are in the row for him now. As the dynasties and the ones in power are backing him. That’s why he has faith of him setting up a government and an administration after the next polls.

Odinga can promise the world and we know he won’t have the ability to deliver that. That isn’t new in the political sphere and he would be far from revolutionary by doing so. Baba is just another career politician who knows what to say and do. His ODM and allies will brand him in positivity and achievements in his career. That’s what they are doing and is supposed to do. However, don’t expect him to do magic.

As an ally of Kenyatta during this term. He didn’t challenge or use his “office” to make the government transparent. Neither has he questioned the assaults on the judiciary or other offices in favour of the Presidency. So, when the Presidential Candidate didn’t stop the corruption now or use his influence for betterment as an close ally of the President. Why would he do that as the President?

I cannot believe he will be a man of action. The handshake should have given him more leverage than making elitist amendment changes to the Constitution through the BBI. So, when Odinga promises to end corruption. I believe that is “hot air” and wasted space. However, even if it is so. He needs to be called out on the bullshit and not just praised for his great ideals, which we know he will not achieve or care about delivering. Peace.

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