Mogadishu Tensions: It is now Roble Vs. Farmaajo

“We will storm the presidential palace and capture him alive” – Pro-Opposition Forces (Keyd Media, 27.12.2021)

Just as things where moving slowly in concerns to the postponed elections in Somalia. The “interim” and “transitional” President Farmaajo have today suspended Prime Minister Roble. They have squabbled earlier in the year, but today Farmaajo upped up the ante. While it is reported that the “interim” President ordered security forces to the house of Roble and wanted to take him away from his office.

Therefore, the tensions has gotten worse. Earlier in the day, there was reports of troop movement in Mogadishu. There is now reports that the pro-opposition forces of Mogadishu will encircle and take Farmaajo now. They want to prevent the “interim” President from holding a press conference today.

As Prime Minister Roble came out with his concern and there been change in leadership within the cabinet. The PM has appointed Abdukadir Mohamed Nur as the new Defence Minister. There is reports of beefed up security at the Presidential Palace and such. That is clear and evident, as the tensions are now running high.

Some reports are saying that the Villa Somalia is sealed off now. The pro-opposition forces are reported to block roads leading to Villa Somalia and the Presidential Palace. However, it is hard to know. As there haven’t been new reports the last few hours.

Nevertheless, this is spiralling out quick and we can wonder where this will go. The Somali National Security Forces (SNSF) have threatened to arrest the “interim” President at a Press Conference today. Therefore, we know that the bloodless coup d’etat that Farmaajo tried himself to pull off earlier today has backfired.

The latest news are that the pro-opposition forces has taken over the Dabka junction and the nearby neighbourhoods. This is a clear indication of where things are going. These moves aren’t making things better, but becoming a stalemate of which we don’t know. As both parties are armed and assessing their strengths. We can wonder when the “interim” President uses “Gorgor” to attack his enemies, as they have been donated to keep him in power. As the specialized unit of 5000 soldiers who listens to Farmaajo’s command. That should be worrying and we can possibly see new skirmished in Mogadishu. Just like we saw in April 2021.

This here is worrying and tragic, as the men in office and in power uses military means to their own benefit. To settle their private grievances and all for personal gains. What we seeing now isn’t a sign of strength, but also what sort of state Farmaajo is leaving behind. After all these years in power … Farmaajo should have left things more stable and secure. However, it is more fragile and even more insecure. That’s the legacy he leaves behind, as his willing to risk anything to be “re-elected” again.

That’s why we are seeing in December 2021, the same we saw in April 2021. This is tragic, but also the state of affairs. When political changes are occurring, the weapons have to be used and the use of military means is on the table. Instead of having talks and proper dialogue. The “interim” President rather use guns and ammunition. Therefore, not strange that the pro-opposition are answering with same means. However, that also makes the situation more dire and causes concern for what is to come.

Farmaajo is clearly playing a dangerous game and you can wonder how many times he can pull this one off. Before he used Kheire to do it for him. Now he thought he could get rid of a second PM. That’s the sort of fella he is and the world can see it. Peace.

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